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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Blue Moon (beverage & frequency of phenomenon)

So I went out on a work night for the first time in quite a while. I mean, went out & didn't get back home until closer to 5 a.m. than any other hour. Apparently, I burned off the moderate amount of alcohol I consumed dancing around like a freak since I'm not hungover. Dancing? Okay, okay, more like letting my body move any which way it felt like going. SO MUCH FUN!!! So the Blue Moon has come and gone. And now I'm wrestling with the fact that in 24 hours I'll be stuck in a car with daddy, his wife, da bro & his girlfriend for a 12 hour car ride. Uhhh...this should prove really interesting, seeing as we're all adults in age but can't seem to act like it. In the meantime, hang tight 'cuz anything that you can think up in your pretty, little head promises to crush under the harsh reality of a family vacation. Headphones, check. Books (writing down the bones, brave new world, la generacion de 1898, the tao, the way of zen, butterfly reference, a walk in the woods), check. Arrested Development, check. Writing notebook, check. Trusty running shoes in case the need for a speedy getaway comes up, check. Looks like I'm packed and ready to go. Hasta el ano nuevo!


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