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Monday, December 20, 2004

Common Misnomers

#1. Holiday Break: So far in my 25 years on this planet, the holidays have not entailed any kind of "break" as in resting time. This year proves no exception. 'Tis the time for a certain parent's spouse to quit speaking to me, during a family party. What atrocity did I commit this time? Don't know & probably never will. For the last 14 years this unnamed person & I haven't gotten along for nothing other than we just don't like each other. There, it's out. Our personalities clash. Which leads us to the next.
#2. Beauty shops (on the south side of Chicago): Why are these women paying to look like that? Not only was Holly Hunter's haircut in Always in style for about 15 minutes, 15 years ago, it was on Holly Hunter. Shemullets are NOT the rage. They never have been. They are funny. Everyone has a right to look & like however/whatever they want. We are only human and all make mistakes. Certainly, there is a picture somewhere of yours truely in a fully Hyper-color outfit. But for the love of god, there is an entire geographic area convinced that these places are making them more attractive when, in fact, they are successful in the opposite & then taking these poor ladies' money. Pirates, I tell you.
Phew! What a weekend! Began with a debate at bartime outside the local watering hole. This turd had the audacity to argue the side of "terrorist taking others' lives" to immediately get into his SUV & drive away very obviously above the legal limit. Stuffed in passive/aggressive menopausal women with bad haircuts. And ended with throwing in the towel, putting on sweats & watching movies. (After Arrested Development, of course. That show is just SO GOOD. I can't get over it.)


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