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Monday, December 27, 2004

Fan of Lots of Things... of those would definitely be Top (insert #) lists. Maybe it's my love of numbers, so sure, so stable. Well, that is until you get into more advanced math and all of that stability flies out the window with the baby (oh shit, no, that's the bathwater). However, advanced math is still really fun. Holy crap, did I just say that out loud? Thank goodness nobody actually reads this but me.
Top 5 Presents of 2k4 are as follows:
1. Arrested Development Season 1 (bought for myself)
2. New ski jacket (thanks mom!)
3. Some of the best pie, EVER (dat's from da bro)
4. Stop Making Sense DVD (what a boss)
5. Snow (sigh, too bad there isn't anything close to resembling a hill around here)

Top 5 Surreal Experiences of X-Mas 2k4:
1. Watching the neighbor kids open presents from my parents. Mind you, the neighbor kids are our (my bro's & mine) ages. While Ian & I sat there, giftless. That's cool & all, Dad's taking us on a trip. However, it was still really fucking weird. Kind of like my dad's wife saying "see, these are the kids I really wanted, you spoiled little brats". Fuck! I'm 25 goddamn years old & figured that one out quite a while ago. Do I really need to wake up at 6:00 on a day off to hear it again?
2. Picking up stepdad's mom @ her "assisted living" facility only to find that my cheery, sweet step-grandma has turned into a very mean lady who yelled at me to get her coat, only to (of course) grab the wrong one out of nervousness.
3. Finding out that my best friend got a pearl necklace from her boyfriend and not giggling. Not the experience but the idea that I may possess an ounce of maturity towards something that just recently would have evoked at least a snicker. Wtf? Where did this come from?
4. The Ex Parade: Happens every year. Very sweet but always just kind of weird. Not that I really mind telling how great I'm doing and not lying one bit.
5. Stepmother's refusal to talk to me. Like ALL family holidays. Since nothing else stranger happened, this makes the list again.

All in all, damn good year. Plus, I got a killer dinner @ a friend's house, who's dad happens to be a chef. Full bellied, I went home, put on AD, laughed my head off & snuggled cozy into a blanket.


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