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Thursday, December 23, 2004

meow meow meow meow

Since the holidays (& all the crap that goes with it) haven't let me down (Please note: heavy sarcasm), I've decided to stay in my cocoon as much as possible. Thus, leading a notable increase in television/movie viewing. Last night, in the mood for a lighter flick, I rented Napolean Dynamite. It did not dissappoint. The main character's (Napolean) placid, yet spastic, expressions lead to an instantaneous deep-down-inside-there's-still-a-little-immature-3-year-old connection. Come on, raise your hand if you've ever really wanted to throw a temper tantrum after the age of 10. And to tell you the truth, I don't see anything wrong with carrying that behavior out within the confines of your own home & no one's hurting anyone. However, unnecessary hurt is inexcusable.
Speaking of which, I'll be house-hopping again this year for Christmas. (Even though I vowed not to when when I moved back to Chicago) Actually, good advice for multi-parental families out there...Last year was the experimental year of "whoever gets your plans in first wins that time slot". I figured that between my 2 sets of parents & boyfriend at the time's family, this gave everybody a fair chance & possibly relieved me of some guilt trips. The fair chance thing worked out. However, we're still working on the guilt trip thing. Oh well, can't get it all. And actually learned a valuable lesson. It really doesn't matter what you do, if someone wants to guilt you, they WILL find an excuse. Most of the time, there's a very fuzzy line between someone genuinely being hurt from absence/drunkenness/lack of (insert material object)/lack of thanks for (insert material object) & a desire to control/puppet or just plain not like you. Half hour more of work. Better hop to it. Surely, I'll return post Christmas with some awesome stories of down-right debauchery & the blackmail I'll be able to cash in for years to come. Kick ass.


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