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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Rockin' Canon in D

So I'm sitting at work listening to (terrific online radio station) while throwing red tape all over documents. All of a sudden a reggae-sounding version of Pachabel's Canon in D comes on. What? Then to add yet another surprise, they switch it up to a Rockin' Canon. Yes! Okay, so from our Grab Bag at work this year I got a DVD version of Stop Making Sense & have to admit that took my boss's coolness to a whole new level.
Song of Note: "Idiot King" by Soul Coughing. Admittedly, I bought the disc Irresistable Bliss for the first track (Super BonBon) but have really liked this band for quite some time (circa 1995) just never remembered to buy the disc while at the store. Surely, you know how that goes...Damnit, how is it that upon entrance to Dr. Wax my cerebral tissues automatically lose their memory function only to get home (with 2-3 new cd's mind you) & synopses to begin working properly again reintroducing the melody benignly plagueing my inner stereo system for the last two weeks. Back to my main point. Not only is the whole disc really f-ing good but the song "Idiot King"/Track 11 beats the crap out of a lot of other new stuff I've bought lately. What a nice reminder when for the last 5 or 6 discs I've bought kind of for one song, that's really the only song that turned out all that great, there are those gems that turn out a solid hour. Sigh. I better start working again as to get home at a descent hour.


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