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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Ahead of the game

My plan to get home early last night burst like an over-inflated balloon as soon as I picked up the invoices I had to pay last night at work. Damnit. I did still manage to start a letter to Jadie, get my taxes done & read about 30 pages in Crackpots. This book has hooked me in & I'm happy to have picked up something a little lighter than Brave New World. I'd also picked up Elliott Smith XO about a week ago & the book's themes twist in nicely with the album of the moment, depression & strings of unhealthy relationships. Although when I my interest originally peeked in Smith I very frequently accompanied his songs with gin & Hemingway, this bout around conjures up a lot less of the self-indulgent acts & more introspective relating to sweet, sweet Elliott's broken heart. Had I purchased this disc a few months ago, I may have felt differently. Maybe I'll get more into that later.
No room for depth at work. Must get going.


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