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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Apparently, god doesn't want me to eat m&m's...

...but no silly deity's gonna stop this girl from getting at those delicious, chocolate, candy-shelled bits of ecstasy. Somebody's a little stressed out. I finally got out two of the three huge grant proposals I've been working on at least 10 hours/day last night. And if that previous sentence structure didn't prove that the adjective "tired" was passed up quite a while ago, I'm not sure what would. And now, the Mars company is raising the bar on how difficult accessing their product is by fusing their outside packaging (seemingly paper) with some kind of super plastic. Okay, okay, maybe that's a tad overdramatic. Now that the chocolate's beginning to kick in, I'm feeling much better. So the grants went out and the next big deadline isn't until February 1.
And 2 days short of 1 months of the 3 sans dating has opened up a whole new social life I completely forgot existed. Fun, albeit, I'm already sick of bars again. Don't get me wrong, there is no inkling of the relationship bug floating around my system (that usually shows up in the spring). However, the college-type life of being single in your twenties is only fun about once a month. Other than that, it's shallow & unfulfilling for the most part.
Okay, the Clash is on which means I'm all fired up to work (seriously). Question to ponder: is head-bobbing to music in the office socially acceptable if you have your own office & nobody really sees you? I think just for writing down that question I'm officially banned from trendy Northside hangouts for a good 3 weeks.


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