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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Brave New World

Just finished reading BNW this morning (finally). Wow. Although a little difficult to get into, once I sat down & focused, putting it down proved very difficult. Quite amazing how Huxley prophesized many scientific breakthroughs and their impact on society decades before they broke (i.e. birth control, genetic cloning, mass conditioning).
The Savage (John), brought into a modern world from reservation containing humans not affected by modern science, revolts at the idea that people live in an emotionless world (thank you, soma) without felt morals but instead conditioning. Obviously the protagonist, I found myself pulling for him. However, his inacceptance of the environment towards the environment in which he now habitates brings a pull from the other side as to opposing progression and the consequences which come with those actions. Interesting how he acted directly from feelings when intellectually, no progress on his part could come out of dealing with people who can't understand what it is to hurt, cry..., since soma took away all "bad" feelings.
The social structure remains one of past and present, as there remains some sort of caste system in all or most societies throughout history. Only the top people actually knew anything that went on both before Ford as well as the plans during the time the story's being told. The rest of the population remains depended on to pull the weight and not question. I hear hints of modern government all over that? Especially after talking with someone who let me on that a certain relative of mine still feels that Iraq poses a threat to her personal freedoms. (without so much as a valid reason, only because we should stick by our government & muslims are bad...hey, these aren't my words or beliefs but to educate the ignorant you must know them first as to bring a good argument to the table). Enough ramblings. Time to work.


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