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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Catching Snowflakes...

...kicks catching the cold's ass any day of the week. The Weather Man correct, Chi received the chilliest of seasons back early this morning. It didn't miss a sneak preview of spring thunderstorms, though. Last night, laying in bed the rain lulled me into a sound sleep. Around 9:30 lightning & thunder kicked in sporadically which made it completely worth walking home soaking wet. And now snow falls, again. It snowed for about 2 days straight last week, which is awesome until you realize there's really nothing to do with that seeming innocent matter (that btw has contributed to several personal injuries) around here but throw it at someone. Word to the wise...most strangers DO NOT want to start snowball fights with you (even if you market it as "snowball toss/fun" & the snow around these parts SHOULD NOT come anywhere near entering your mouth. Like good ol' Frank said...Don't eat the yellow snow. Now, should any music trivia buff out there tell me the last name of the Frank in which I'm referring, you get a secret prize.
Agenda for Tonight: The ***** Family viewing of Life Aquatic with Capt. Zissou. Da Bro & his girl plan to hop into the city for an evening viewing of this critically shat-on film. Fuck critics, all they do is bitch. I LA-LA-LOVED The Royal Tannenbaums, Rushmore & Bottle Rockets so maybe I'll just write a positive review of Capt. Z tomorrow when I get to work. Enough chit-chat.


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