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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Holy crap, I woke up in a snowglobe!

Since Chicago's winter actually proved itself as the mean, nasty bastard it can be, this weekend turned into a little bit of a bust. Friday morning I found out that Hem had sold out. Mother lover, one of the only times that I didn't buy tickets ahead of time. Although tempted to run up to Schuba's & try snagging an extra ticket, the weather drove my sorry ass into bed before 10. Which actually turned out for the better, seeing as the next morning I got up to ingest a half of a pot of coffee, followed by putting some laps in at the pool. Coming out of the rec center, I felt like I had been transported into a snowglobe. Boy, does that make you skip home. Saturday night turned out a better night on the town, anyways. I went with some friends to the Abbey to listen to some friends of theirs in a group called Royce. Now, don't get me wrong, I enjoy my fair share of 80's tunes. However, among those Hall & Oats never come to mind. That is unless my bro & I are blotto, which has, on more than one occasion, brought out a duet of off-key Man-Eater. That, my friends, is quite a sight to see & an easy blackmail opportunity for those in our presence. Back to the story, these guys did a cover of the song "I Can't Go for That" that proved my Hall & Oats-resenting-ass (thanks to mom & the fact that they pretty much just plain suck) really wrong. Turned into a really fun night. To top the weekend off, I hit the woods by mom's house for a terrific snow jont. It's finally sunny out here so the sky was bright blue & the snow sparkled. The creek running through, the mallards herded on the ice & a whole lot of people out there enjoying some fresh air, be it x-country skiing, walking, jogging or just taking advantage of the scenery, made it impossible to not induce perma-grin for a solid hour. Spectacular. And now, pulling an old college move, I showed up at mom's home with laundry. Which essentially translates into a good excuse to spend most of the day with her. What a lucky girl. Hopefully, tomorrow I won't go back to work to any computer crashes, sporadic printers or unruly copy/fax machines. (the latter always pushing my buttons the most frequently) Until then, my plan is to enjoy the shit out of the rest of the day.


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