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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Misery (supposedly) loves company

Here's another phrase I just don't get. I realize, people are different. And at one point in my life I guess my misery enjoyed other people's misery as well. But for the love of god, there is a difference between venting or communicating and acting like an asshole. And if you can tell me when (estimate times welcome) you're going to fucking grow up and act in a civil manner, we have something to work with. Until then, please do not become mean & defensive just because I chose to tune-out your angry words. Not that I won't do what you need me to do & I'm not listening at all. I just choose not to allow someone to get me worked up because they have some insignificant at the time problem. Generally, when in a sour mood, I crawl right back into bed, where I belong, as to not expose anyone to any unnecessary backlashes. Some advice: if your personality is just that way, please leave me alone. Enough.
I've decided to take the night off (i.e. run no errands, not work out), get in some good flute practice, letter writing (specifically to Jadie who's just having a tough time right now & that sucks) & maybe start embroidering a pair of pants that I think need some love.
Stay tuned for excitement. I have to stop by Pep Boys this weekend, which could lead to some shocking conversation.


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