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Wednesday, January 19, 2005


On one of the previous postings I claimed that "maybe technology ain't so bad". I officially remove that statement to put in its place that not only does technology, in fact, suck at this point, day by day it whittles away at my personal quality of life. Today's problem...the printer. This malicious little fucker performs, performs, performs until out of the blue (poof!) it decides it's had enough. No reason. And every time I hit a button it prints up some kind of demo crap. It has paper, it has ink. (Baby, I'm good to you! I feed you, I oild you!) It's a god-damned machine so it really can't "get tired" or "need a lunch break". Enough. This does not help. It's like sitting in traffic & getting pissed off. Nothing I can do about it.
Oh well.
On the bright side, I did persuade a friend of mine to go see Hem w/ me on Friday night. Plus, he's a big fan of sushi so I won't have to twist any arms to eat something nutritious & delicious before the show. Something to look forward to is always nice. Nothing to look forward to=sad, little emmy. Really should do something about that. Ah, once the weather becomes bearable again life effortlessly becomes astronomically more enjoyable. I like seasons, winter just really gets me down. & that whole Christmas=>New Year's=>Valentine's Day media show does pretty much anything but get me into the spirit. Gotta get back to work.


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