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Friday, February 25, 2005

Another first, yet omigod, dave's gonna work at kiddyland

Finally able to ramble in my element, I'm a little buzzed. Okay, judging the typing that's occurred, drunk. This is the first official semi-drunk post (see: totally drunk post will include many more spelling & grammar errors). Chicago got lightly dusted today & I got hit today with a nameless package delivery to my mailbox. Damn USPS doesn't drop stuff off without a signature. So I'm (a sot, no!) forced to wait until tomorrow morning to pick up this package, from whom (have a clue?), however, I will definitely check to see if there is a fuse or ticking sound coming from it. Granted, I wouldn't assume P's final parting & mine was violent, however political pull has its advantages. Whatever, I'll wake early in the morn (we'll see) to figure out this possibly horrid misteries.
Dave (the neighbor) currently spouts off names which I've heard before but can't place, seeing as I have no fucking clue as to who these people are. "That beer tastes so horrible. It spread out into the interiors of my mouth"- Dave. I call total bullshit on that seeing as that I'm not only partial to beer (in general) but that Bell's could produce such crap. Hops, he says, makes them taste bad. Again, I'm a fan of this variety (as I quite easily suck these down, knowing that I have a full day of work ahead of me & a bon voyage party), this only offends to the lowest standard. Whatever.
I'm officially over it with candy-cigarettes offered & another beer is beckoning my attention. Shit yeah, Pixie Sticks for the offering, I gotta go to indulge in all that I probably shouldn't. Much love & lots o' sugar! Shit yeah. Drunk, drunk, drunk, work's gonna suck tomorrow.


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