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Monday, February 28, 2005

My apartment didn't explode but my head just might

Although the package I picked up wasn't physically ticking, an emotional bomb went off upon opening it. Already irritated that I had to truck over the ever-so-non-pleasant post office, I tore open the close to weightless package to find my old copy of East of Eden, tee shirt, shorts, every letter I'd ever written P & a short letter he just wrote me before leaving the parking lot. Despite some serious sinus pain from an infection I'd picked up, I went to Modern to clear my head, for non-physical reasons. Sure helped in opening up some blocked passages since I walked into my apartment, picked up his letter, read it again & cried & got angry & hurt & lonely & sad & finally back to numb for the remainder of the night. Sigh. Hopefully, this week will turn out better.
But that's up to me. I have 2 choices: continue to feel sad and angry or get those emotions out & remember that I have ultimate control over how I chose to live my life. The words thrown around 2 weeks ago & then on Saturday were intended to hurt me & they did. I can dwell on them or I can realize that's only one person's perspective & that perspective was the reason things didn't work out in the first place. I guess this just might be the push that I needed to finally move on.


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