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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Private Invitations

Here's another quandry. How are so many people starved for sex when I have "lonely housewives with asshole husbands" & "sexy sluts" making dates with me via email without my knowledge? At least 10x/day I receive an email "confirming my date with (insert name, height, weight & brief physical description)". Technically, they aren't emailing me, as these are forwarded from the people who had this position before me, which by default come to me. At first it was kinda funny & shocking. Now it's just plain annoying. (omigod! why would anyone allow someone else to take a picture of their "o" face & then to top it off, spread it around the internet?) This shit is popping up on my work email everyday.
On the brighter side of the day (since this morning brought another crappy, cloudy onset), I've secured tickets for Apostle of Hussle & Stars on March 12. I hadn't heard anything by Stars but the Arts & Crafts Label website offers up the whole of their latest release. Sounded pretty damn good. That & I'd like to see A of H again. Can't go wrong for $10.
Okay, gotta go dance with pointed feet.


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