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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Take on Jesus, etc.

Time again for an offering of my own perspective or a metaphorical take on a pop (okay, okay sub-pop, but I've gotten into this discussion with several people before & it just seems pointless when the topic is Wilco, especially when it's with a devout Wilco/Jeff Tweedy fan with which I'm speaking). To begin, I like this song, I really like the whole disc as it has stayed in my "car music" book for over 2 years now. Many comments that I've heard regarding this song relate it to how Wilco wrote it as a response to the Twin Towers/9-11 tragedy, which can be doubtlessly proved wrong, considering the original release of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (still need to find a copy of I am Trying to Break Your Heart & watch it, I guess the title of the rockumentary has hit a little too close to home in the last 6 months) came out before 9-11 if memory serves me correctly. Not that I'm saying that the relation of that terrible event & the song do not have surface metaphors. I just find it difficult to relate a song to something else I haven't witnessed personally (but I guess that's where imagination comes in).
Anyhow, I just heard the song on & it reminded me that a few weeks ago late in the evening I pulled out Porch Mix '03. Jesus, etc. is the second to last song on this mix. So I sat & thought about it, a few years after originally hearing & liking the song, finding that I felt a strikingly new reaction to the story, for current lack of a better word, this song portrays. Tweedy seems to be singing to a friend going through a tough time. The welcoming & calming demeaner of his voice emits a sympathetic & accepting tone towards who he's singing, offering his own strength to help out his friend. Although egocentricism a difficult, and quite offensive to some topic, the general grasp of our own lives lies in what we see out of our own eyes. Closing my eyes, a picture was painted of two friends, one feeling helpless & lost in a midst of unhappy feelings & events, twirling around & uncontrolled by him. The other, reaching out to let the first that it's all gonna be okay & that he loves him. One of the true beauties of a friendship, support & comfort through the tough times. Between myself and close friends the last couple weeks has brought death, heartbreak, loss of personal security, new beginnings, reopened doors & finally closed doors. Guess I just needed to reflect on more tangible matter today. Thanks Mr. Tweedy.
Snap. Now that I'm awake I have a grant submission today. At least during the times I wait that I can get this shit off my chest. In closing, I had a dream about speed dating last night & a dream about the high school fucking prom the night before. Throwing a real big WTF shoutout to that one.


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