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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Time's up

Okay, since no one responded to my previous quiz question of which artist (hint: first name Frank) wrote a song who's title directly warns one not to eat yellow snow, I'll go ahead & let you know. It was Frank Zappa. Maybe kinda good that no one reads this but myself, for had anyone responded correctly, I would have to come up with a super-cool prize quickly. Maybe a snowcone to keep the theme. But alas, Mario's remains closed until warmer weather arrives. And by this time in the season snow or pretty much anything to do with snow has lost its excitement, having turned dirty and completely unacceptable to throw another being's way. Iceball mistaken for snowball still pulls rank over the dirty snowball as a shitty thing to do to someone else.
Regardless, the system where I work got a virus or something today & the took away my root of many a spaz attack. Thus, I was forced to use the "challenged" computer. To which I decided to say fuckit (pronounced with an accent on the first syllable & a hard "g" sound replacing "ck") to catch up on emails & do a little bloggin'. Terribly addicting this new technological journal turned out.
Time for the babble to end & my ballet class to begin. Will formulate the next trivia question before long.


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