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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Filing, the most mentally challenging menial office task

No, seriously. Not that putting things into order taxes your brain whatsoever. Difficulty lies within not totally spacing out while actually doing this crap.
Chicago experienced its first thunderstorm of the season last night. Admittedly, one of the best attributes of this area is the spectrum of weather. Although I had anticipated taking a book down to the Point since it was really nice out, the clouds that had rolled in decided they were too full of water & let loose on my walk home. Since the temp hadn't dropped, warm rain felt really good. Crash, flash, hail. So I locked myself in my home, started on a bottle of wine I picked up at the Co-op, made some yum-yum dinner & gave the television some attention since the last week or so the poor thing's been completely ignored. They are selling all of this wine right now for really cheap. Like $2.95 & $4.95/bottle for bottles usually priced around $8-10. Thunderstorm & cabernet, how could you go wrong with that? Uh, I think there was probably a good reason why they sold these bottles for zip. The Smoking Loon (which I've had before) turned out a little more than slightly below par. Oh well, you win some you lose some. Gotta stop spacing & look like I'm busy.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Star Wars Pelvic Thrust

Honestly didn't think that yesterday could get all that much better. That is until I stumbled upon this on

I think I just might have a new wallpaper for the 'puter.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Omigod, there's a sun

...and it decided to show it's funny face in Chicago.
The weather is so nice, in comparison to the last 3 months, that I almost high-fived myself when I woke up this morning. Not really.
But the big news is that I found 3 people this weekend who want to toss around some lacrosse action this summer (sweet) & I have sushi for lunch today. Damn, can it get any better than this?

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

"Like a winter machine that you go through & then,

you catch your breath & winter starts again. While everyone else is springbound."
I'm pretty sure that I blew my chance at a date for J's party this weekend last Saturday night. Your ever-unstable hostess for this blog drank entirely too much, after not feeling well all day, & made a complete ass of herself, acting rudely towards someone completely undeserving of the treatment & even cried. To top it off, I decided that I needed to call the offended on Sunday, while still drunk mind you, in attempt to apologize. Only to drive away. Not only have I pushed myself into physical hell as a result, I feel as where I was 2.3 years ago mentally. Boo hoo. I can hear the wahmbulance turning the corner yet again. Thus, I've firmly secured my seat on the wagon for a while to straighten myself out (since hard earned lesson before & probably again remains that I can't do a damn thing about anyone but myself). Unfortunately, I could feel this coming on for about a month (past posts totally indicative), yet in my own stubborn manner, ignored all red flags. Smart, emmy, smart. Unhappy emotions+booze=bad. On the flipside, the realization of constructively working things out helps to grip that I have made progress. Whereas before, I'd have continued on a self destructive path, smothered with denial, time to come out & become honest with myself once again. Maybe this time I can save a possible friendship in the future. We'll see. Pick up, dust off, drink tea, do yoga & stay busy. Worked before, it'll work again.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Ballet=newest extreme sport

Skiing, running, biking, swimming, tennis & occasionally lacrosse. When I practice these sports no injuries involved (that time a year & a half ago when I sprained my ankle while running in the dark doesn't count & has since been chalked up to stupidity). However, the oh-so-intense intermediate adult ballet, on the other hand, has given me some of the worst pain I've had in years. First, just muscle soarness. This time I really did it & must have pulled something in my upper back & neck region because it f-ing hurts, a lot. If only I could train Merlin to give back rubs. Surely that'll happen right after I attach a broom to his tail & get him to start earning his keep by sweeping. Ah, my plan for a relatively lazy weekend becomes innitiated in 55 minutes. Tonight consists of dining, fluting, reading & indulging in some pie. (Oooo! And the new Fiona Apple, which I downloaded last week & copied onto a disc this afternoon) Tomorrow's time for laundry, walking & getting in some serious socializing.
Stay tuned for review of Fiona Apple "Extraordinary Machines". First listen proved damn, damn good.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Not not writing due to business. Quite the opposite. And although calms usually spur development of some pretty out-there ideas, I almost feel stupider from lack of work this week. I did get assigned my fav party job last night, though. J & I had dinner @ my place. She's having a party next weekend & asked me to have fun with the music. Party dj responsibility=mine. me=happy. Now all I have to do is find a date, considerably more difficult task.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Goin' to California

For the concert of the year in San Jose, starring none other than Def Leopard & Bryan Adams. One night, one stage. Okay, okay, I'm not seriously going. However, I did seriously go to Apostle of Hustle & Stars on Saturday night & popped my Empty Bottle cherry. I saw A of H w/ Luna @ the Abbey a few months ago but not Stars. This time A of H brought a female flamenco dancer, who not only played the castanettes & used her feet as a percussion instrument, inspired myself & date of the evening (thanks K!) to pick up Flamenco as opposed to tap next term. Added bonus, K & I received one of the worst pick up lines from 2 of the most obnoxious men I've ever heard speak. Scene: K & I standing by the wall roughly 2 feet apart. The taller & less obnoxious of the undynamic duo behind us pokes his head between ours & asks us "if we think she's sexy", referring to the Flamenco Dancer Lady. K attempts to stare straight ahead. However, I saw him out of the corner of my eye & looked over to respond with "no, not particularly". K's face erupts in a puzzled look as she asks "do you think he was trying to find out if we're lesbians?". Granted, two girls at a show together is questionable but I told her that I thought it was more his testing the waters for receptiveness. To which we set a very clear tone that we were not, in fact, looking to talk to these men. So A of H's part of the show just plain rocked. Stars came on around 11:45 to greatly impress, as well. If the chance comes around again, will definitely make a point to see them. One of the larger happenings of the night was that K got a chance to meet Dr. Danger, the completely ambiguous lack of relationship or whatever the fuck it was of a few months ago. Since we decided that Merlin, the Teste-faced cat was to be incorporated in as much conversation as possible, she commented that Dr. D's cuter than M, tt-fc, (which I'd have to agree with) & that Dr. D's a nice guy (which I'd also agree with). He & I had dinner earlier in the week, where he gave a much needed twist of perspective which helped out quite a bit. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to thank him for that. Maybe if I remember if we talk again. For now, I've gotta stop thinking about that & concentrate on working.

Friday, March 11, 2005


Quickly...the flood of rush, rush, rush returned to work early this afternoon. No time for talkie. However, this morning the usual defaulted stop on the 2nd floor brought a surprise "guess the molecule & win a beer" contest to my attention. Sweet. Then, while riding the elevator just 4 minutes ago the only other person riding ripped one of the loudest farts I've ever heard in my life. Which was just plain awesome. This totally makes up for having to come in for a couple hours on Sunday.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

"I think he thinks that I'm his dad...

...cuz I saved him from the pound."
Name the song & band.
Please note: the prize for the correct answer will NOT be Merlin, the Teste-faced cat.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Coming to grips with having become my own worst enemy

(that's right, i think i'm in the larvae stage of yuppidom).
The weather gods teased us (seriously, thank you) with a nice hint of spring all day yesterday. Jogging in a long sleeve tee, ice cream melting while eating it since the air was finally warmer than the popular dessert. You know, all of those things that tickle your inside about one of my two favorite seasonal changes. Annuals are beginning to peak their so-green-it-makes-you-hungry heads out of the defrosted ground, welcoming back the sun from 3 months far, far away from the midwest. (actually, distance-wise the sun is closer during the winter. axis angle, rotation...cause coldness, short days...) Persephone's return from the underworld hit full-swing. And as Demeter awoke to the world, this lovely city did as well.
As in normal Sunday fashion, I hauled my laundry to my mom's home as not to get caught in another flashback on 92.3. (omigod, i actually heard bel biv devoe & color me badd in one set list a few weeks ago at ghetto laundry, when i shut my eyes hard enough i actually felt as if i was 11 again, in tights with lace around the ankle & an NKOTB hat, praying, just praying that my crush at the time would ask me to dance with him to a slow song). By 10:50 a, I'd put in >2 miles of jogging when I discovered upon the return to my car that mommy called to let me know that the washer broke, leaving every pair of pants I had with (not including the sweats i was wearing at the time with green paint on them & not until I was in front of a mirror at J Crew did i realize there was a hole in the butt seam-fuckin' hot) soaking wet. "you better run up to Oak Brook & pick up some pants". Thus, I entered the world of capri khakis. I'd put this fashion trend off for quite some time now, seeing as us shorties look like beige oompaloomps in the damn things. While at the most yuppy of all yuppy retailers, I also picked up some new flops, since I couldn't hardly wear capris with the sneaks I had with me (see, there it is).
And the realization didn't happen there. It took yours truely, standing in Whole Foods (wtf? they have an aisle for seeds & i love it) clad in capri khakis, flip flops with the straps consisting of ribbons, a shaped-but-not-slutty striped sweater & tortoise shell, sporty sunglasses on the top of my head acting like a poor excuse for a headband for it to truely sink in. What am I wearing? Where am I shopping? & seriously contemplating purchasing $9 juice to take a step out of my body & see that I am straight on the path to soccermomdom. Justifying this extreme shopping behavior, I tell myself that I like good food & don't really eat all that much, may as well make it high quality. I'll wear these khakis for years... All of this is true, however I must accept rather than try pushing away the fact that I enjoy that shit. Okay, it's out. I want to get married & have kids. Maybe live in the city, maybe the mountains or maybe, just maybe & that maybe's gonna take some coersion on the part of a spouse, a suburb very close to the city. And as I pulled away from that insanely overpriced supermarket with my insanely overpriced $9 micronutrient juice, I finally felt a bit of a comfort about seeing what my future more than likely will look like, and it's really not all that bad. Like the lesson that I've learned & learned & will more than likely have to learn again from time to time, true happiness goes with me where ever I go, it's a matter of having a good attitude & stickin' to things that really do matter. For example, although the temperature went down with the sun, I'll be damned if I wasn't sittin' at the closest thing Hyde Park has to a gay bar with the girls laughing our heads off, singin' to Stevie, sippin' on some beers & donning flops made with ribbons.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Another super special lucky prize goes unclaimed

For all the antsy-pants bloggers up all night, awaiting the answer to the last posted trivia question. The question to this answer can be found under February 14th's post.
A. Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder
Bonus: The host does not take names. He remembers your face (as opposed to most restaurants writing down names) for the wait list.
Advised menu: Meditteranean bread & salad to start out. Get the pizza. For dessert, walk to Ben & Jerry's for a healthy scoop of Brownie Batter. Please note: this more than likely will induce foma but is TOTALLY worth it.
Stay tuned for new trivia.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

What's the deal with chicks who walk like dudes?

You know, leaning forward, as if to spring into action at any moment. And very intent. Another question attached to to first is why do dudes even walk like that? To top off that question with an even less answerable one...Although the apartment I live in has wood floors how is it possible that ever time Merlin pukes it lands on a rug? Seriously, there's like an 80/20 ratio wood/rug goin' on in that place.
Yes, that is how completely unmotivated I am to work at the current moment. After wrestling with for a good 20 minutes, I've decided that the last half hour of the workday I won't try to do anything else. Trading sinal drainage for synovial inflammation, I have that post-illness euphoric "holy crap, i've never felt better" feeling let's conquer the world, except for the lingering coughs & sneezes. Joint discomfort mild compared to last Wednesday, which=good. And although it's damn cold out today, I'm thinking that going straight home today just ain't gonna work. to spend a Wednesday afternoon/evening/early night?