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Friday, March 18, 2005

Ballet=newest extreme sport

Skiing, running, biking, swimming, tennis & occasionally lacrosse. When I practice these sports no injuries involved (that time a year & a half ago when I sprained my ankle while running in the dark doesn't count & has since been chalked up to stupidity). However, the oh-so-intense intermediate adult ballet, on the other hand, has given me some of the worst pain I've had in years. First, just muscle soarness. This time I really did it & must have pulled something in my upper back & neck region because it f-ing hurts, a lot. If only I could train Merlin to give back rubs. Surely that'll happen right after I attach a broom to his tail & get him to start earning his keep by sweeping. Ah, my plan for a relatively lazy weekend becomes innitiated in 55 minutes. Tonight consists of dining, fluting, reading & indulging in some pie. (Oooo! And the new Fiona Apple, which I downloaded last week & copied onto a disc this afternoon) Tomorrow's time for laundry, walking & getting in some serious socializing.
Stay tuned for review of Fiona Apple "Extraordinary Machines". First listen proved damn, damn good.


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