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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

"Like a winter machine that you go through & then,

you catch your breath & winter starts again. While everyone else is springbound."
I'm pretty sure that I blew my chance at a date for J's party this weekend last Saturday night. Your ever-unstable hostess for this blog drank entirely too much, after not feeling well all day, & made a complete ass of herself, acting rudely towards someone completely undeserving of the treatment & even cried. To top it off, I decided that I needed to call the offended on Sunday, while still drunk mind you, in attempt to apologize. Only to drive away. Not only have I pushed myself into physical hell as a result, I feel as where I was 2.3 years ago mentally. Boo hoo. I can hear the wahmbulance turning the corner yet again. Thus, I've firmly secured my seat on the wagon for a while to straighten myself out (since hard earned lesson before & probably again remains that I can't do a damn thing about anyone but myself). Unfortunately, I could feel this coming on for about a month (past posts totally indicative), yet in my own stubborn manner, ignored all red flags. Smart, emmy, smart. Unhappy emotions+booze=bad. On the flipside, the realization of constructively working things out helps to grip that I have made progress. Whereas before, I'd have continued on a self destructive path, smothered with denial, time to come out & become honest with myself once again. Maybe this time I can save a possible friendship in the future. We'll see. Pick up, dust off, drink tea, do yoga & stay busy. Worked before, it'll work again.


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