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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

What's the deal with chicks who walk like dudes?

You know, leaning forward, as if to spring into action at any moment. And very intent. Another question attached to to first is why do dudes even walk like that? To top off that question with an even less answerable one...Although the apartment I live in has wood floors how is it possible that ever time Merlin pukes it lands on a rug? Seriously, there's like an 80/20 ratio wood/rug goin' on in that place.
Yes, that is how completely unmotivated I am to work at the current moment. After wrestling with for a good 20 minutes, I've decided that the last half hour of the workday I won't try to do anything else. Trading sinal drainage for synovial inflammation, I have that post-illness euphoric "holy crap, i've never felt better" feeling let's conquer the world, except for the lingering coughs & sneezes. Joint discomfort mild compared to last Wednesday, which=good. And although it's damn cold out today, I'm thinking that going straight home today just ain't gonna work. to spend a Wednesday afternoon/evening/early night?


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