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Friday, April 29, 2005

48 hours of Brain Overstimulation

I will be in Vegas in roughly 12 hours. 'nuff said.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Probably would have rather the sharp stick in my eye

Holy crap. The opening band for Animal Collective last night sucked (see: title). The closest thing to saying something nice remains...uh, that was interesting. And although I really try not to dwell on the "not so much" stuff & stay with positive feedback, this is my blog so fuggit.
AC opened with a bang of great to sporadically lose my attention because something was just a little off. Worth the dough, lack of sleep & seemingly sardine can surroundings, yes. These guys looked like they were having a great time on stage & gave off some really fun energy. So it wasn't so much them, it was more the Empty Bottle. Their sound seemed too big for the place & the insane amount of people muffled some artistic possibility. Maybe it was the tribal percussion that made me feel like I should've been dancing around in the woods, bonfire ablaze. Regardless, it was still enjoyable. Plus, I had some really good company. (confidential to lurker: thanks for going with me) Enough, enough, surprise grant waiting for answers.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Phase 1...

...has officially begun, as now 2 whole people know of the exact title of this nonsense. Work's pretty booked up today & it's lookin' like I won't be getting out of here until late so I'm not gonna dilly dally.
1st matter of bidness: Confidential to abc: 2 tickets for tomorrow's show have been reserved under my pseudonym @ the EB. Hope you can make it.
Secondamente: New trivia
Q: Why are the Cubs & Bears (as in the Chi sports teams) named as they are?
Prize granted upon correct answer. No, it is NOT Paula Abdul's Forever Your Girl in compact disc form. I'm holding on to that gem.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Rapidly firing neurons...

...were busy having a busy weekend. Thus, still working on that business plan. Friday night at the ballet proved very inspiring. Saturday night daddy had a little party at which I reproved my ability to silence a table by saying something completely inappropriate. And I quote "speaking of incest". This intended clever hook proceeded to receive slack jaws & questioning eyes. Of course, I had planned to begin telling them about Middlesex. Didn't happen & the fam & fam friends decided to start making jokes of their own. Majority of them pointed in my general direction. Since I haven't brought a male to dinner since P, I think my sexuality is being questioned by my family. Oh well.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Head out of Clouds

This does not mean a rung up on thought process clarity ladder, only that I've come down from my first in several months date high. Not really that I had been trying to date (as we may remember the agreement I made with a certain friend to embark on a dating sabatical) nor, by any stretch of the imagination was it necessary to run people off with pitchforks (accept for a certain mentally unstable neighbor). But around these parts, you've gotta make an effort. As the previous statement is quite known, a couple weeks ago a certain high-society friend leaned into us and asked how one would go about getting laid in Hyde Park. That, my dear, fashion-consulting friend, is why we leave. Okay, okay, so now a bit less giggly I've come to another obstacle. Although completely fueled in my own cerebral fantasy kingdom, I kinda hope to get some feedback on this online journal type thing. Insane people need not apply. I've said it before & will say it again. I do not love you, will not love you & can not make your problems go away. Albeit, positive much better received, I'd take just about anything right now. Enter marketing techniques learned hungover in Undergrad. (go rams) This now gives me something to do during a little bit of free time I have today. Maybe if I actually told people the name of this here blog. Could be a start. Also, if I changed it around a little bit so that appealed to a larger demographic group than solely myself. Let the business plan begin!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

There's a new Pope, what does this mean for me?

Absolutely nothing. Other than the next time I see my stepma she'll list off his credentials a few times after several glasses of wine. (last family thing dad got drunk, which means that it's her turn) That, my friends, is what innermonologue is for.
In other news...
Everybody should go to While in the doctor's office waiting for my mommy on Sunday morning, I picked up Friday's paper, in which there was an article about how Arrested Development might not get picked up next season. The aforementioned website is kinda cheesy. It asks you to sign this pledge about being an avid fan. Anyhow, cancellation of AD would really suck, as it's a terrific show.
Second, & more importantly, yours truely had a date last night & from my point of view, it went pretty well. Positive: He's cute but more importantly has a terrific sense of humor & damn intellegent. Not so much: Obviously really likes gambling. But who am I to criticize? Will keep you posted.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Happy Birthday, Schmale!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy that you were born 26 years ago. Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Call off the Dogs, the Search is Over

After finding the tracking number in the 74 confirmation emails I'd received from Apple, I feverishly checked online to find out my latest, & most expensive to date, purchase had been delivered to & signed for at *** E. **th St yesterday. Struck with a mild & completely self-induced panic attack, I got on the phone. As I dialed the always reliable building guys (no, seriously, these guys are freaking gods. I have yet to be let down), my mind raced with paranoid scenarios of computer theft & visualizing myself sitting on my living room floor, legs in 2nd position, slumped over with a box of Kleenex, weeping.
But alas, 12" & 4.8 lbs. of silver cuteness showed up at my office around 2:30 this afternoon. Phew! So what does this all mean? I will probably not pay attention to anything that anyone has to say to me for a good week as I'll be playing with my new toy (yeah!) & postings will soon increase as a DSL line is to be placed in my home very soon. I'm living in the future (DB, one of my heros).

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Posted by HelloSo if it doesn't get here soon, Apple (tm) & whatever currier service Apple decided to use will have to deal with them.
The redeaming quality of today is that it's $1 milkshake day. Speaking of which, I have a date with some cellulite-producing dairy product. Sin City=violent but very good. Empire Falls review is on its way. Started Middlesex last night. Yeah, hermaphrodites, should be interesting.

Waiting is the hardest part

Why my head's gonna explode on April 13 because...
First, allergy season is in full swing & swirling around my head like a mo fo. Not bitching, not bitching, it's spring & that makes me happy, even with uncontrollable sneezing & wanting to scratch my eyes out.
Second, my pretty little Powerbook wasn't in stock when purchased so they're sending it to me. I've received about 74 emails telling me that it was shipped out on Monday but I've yet to see it. Thus, I look like this...
Posted by Hello

Monday, April 11, 2005

Uuuhhh, okay

After figuring out the answer to a problem with the ever-so-trouble-causing for a co-worker, I sarcastically asked, "who do you love?", to which she replied, straight-faced, mind you, "Jesus". I gotta go home.

Yesterday received an A-

And why should I rate this day so highly, you may be wondering?
Morning=coffee, 2.5 mile walk in the woods, purchase of Powerbook
Afternoon/evening=finished Empire Falls (review to come, still letting this masterpiece sink in), 20 minute nap, caught all of Arrested Development
Nighttime=Phoenix concert, saw & caught an old friend afterwards & the cherry, met & hung out with the f-ing band after the concert. Shit, yeah.
Today=work, grocery store, catch up on much-needed sleep (ebt: 9:30 p.m.) & pick up a new book.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Goal of the Day

...the ability to use the word (is it really?) "crunk" without laughing. Some examples of including this in sentence structures I've heard lately used by others contained in the same generation as myself are as follows: "what the crunk?' & " come on, let's all go get crunked up".
First, I'll explain that I just learned that crunk actually has a definition. That's right, crunk is a word. The definition: To cry like a crane. [Obs.] ``The crane crunketh.'' Apparently, this came from a combination of "crane" & "croak". It does, though, become a bit more fitting for our everyday use (or some of us anyways) as the combination of "crack" & "funk". We could use it to describe a spastic dancer, for instance. I smell a revolution brewing. Regardless, this spawns a new interest in cranes for yours truely, as I know relatively zip about these endangered & really cool looking aviary creatures. Turns out this part of the world is supposed to be native to Whooping Cranes for wintering. And since I haven't seen any cranes hangin' out around Nichols Park or State Street during the worst part of the year in Chi, I think me a trip to the zoo in order, to experience an actual crunking. Hopefully, it'll be at least slightly more graceful than the crunky (but really fun) crowd I witnessed Friday night at Smartbar.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Slightly less safe than before

Despite my love of walking to work, this neighborhood is becoming less & less attractive to stay in. First, physical safety not quite up to par this week as 1 person was shot & 2 shot at about 8 blocks away from my apt.
Second, I must cut ties with a decided energy-sucker who lives near me. Come on, you know the type. Seemingly positive & harmless people who turn out as complete takers with little to no actual concern for anyone but themselves & what energy they can suck off of you. I've acted nicely but the hints have not rung in & it's reached the point of responding to "I'd really love to meet your family someday" with "well, you won't, I wouldn't want them to meet you". I'm a generally good-natured person & it takes quite a bit to piss me off. Passive-aggressive manipulation & not listening to me when I ask you to please not call anymore will throw me into that decidedly ugly mindframe & I tend to say some pretty mean things. Phew! Okay, keep ya posted. I gotta hit a poetry reading.

Sunday, April 03, 2005


FYI Answer=
Musical Group: Jane's Addiction
Song: Maceo

Fun song. Gotta go.