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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Call off the Dogs, the Search is Over

After finding the tracking number in the 74 confirmation emails I'd received from Apple, I feverishly checked online to find out my latest, & most expensive to date, purchase had been delivered to & signed for at *** E. **th St yesterday. Struck with a mild & completely self-induced panic attack, I got on the phone. As I dialed the always reliable building guys (no, seriously, these guys are freaking gods. I have yet to be let down), my mind raced with paranoid scenarios of computer theft & visualizing myself sitting on my living room floor, legs in 2nd position, slumped over with a box of Kleenex, weeping.
But alas, 12" & 4.8 lbs. of silver cuteness showed up at my office around 2:30 this afternoon. Phew! So what does this all mean? I will probably not pay attention to anything that anyone has to say to me for a good week as I'll be playing with my new toy (yeah!) & postings will soon increase as a DSL line is to be placed in my home very soon. I'm living in the future (DB, one of my heros).


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