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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Goal of the Day

...the ability to use the word (is it really?) "crunk" without laughing. Some examples of including this in sentence structures I've heard lately used by others contained in the same generation as myself are as follows: "what the crunk?' & " come on, let's all go get crunked up".
First, I'll explain that I just learned that crunk actually has a definition. That's right, crunk is a word. The definition: To cry like a crane. [Obs.] ``The crane crunketh.'' Apparently, this came from a combination of "crane" & "croak". It does, though, become a bit more fitting for our everyday use (or some of us anyways) as the combination of "crack" & "funk". We could use it to describe a spastic dancer, for instance. I smell a revolution brewing. Regardless, this spawns a new interest in cranes for yours truely, as I know relatively zip about these endangered & really cool looking aviary creatures. Turns out this part of the world is supposed to be native to Whooping Cranes for wintering. And since I haven't seen any cranes hangin' out around Nichols Park or State Street during the worst part of the year in Chi, I think me a trip to the zoo in order, to experience an actual crunking. Hopefully, it'll be at least slightly more graceful than the crunky (but really fun) crowd I witnessed Friday night at Smartbar.


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