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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Head out of Clouds

This does not mean a rung up on thought process clarity ladder, only that I've come down from my first in several months date high. Not really that I had been trying to date (as we may remember the agreement I made with a certain friend to embark on a dating sabatical) nor, by any stretch of the imagination was it necessary to run people off with pitchforks (accept for a certain mentally unstable neighbor). But around these parts, you've gotta make an effort. As the previous statement is quite known, a couple weeks ago a certain high-society friend leaned into us and asked how one would go about getting laid in Hyde Park. That, my dear, fashion-consulting friend, is why we leave. Okay, okay, so now a bit less giggly I've come to another obstacle. Although completely fueled in my own cerebral fantasy kingdom, I kinda hope to get some feedback on this online journal type thing. Insane people need not apply. I've said it before & will say it again. I do not love you, will not love you & can not make your problems go away. Albeit, positive much better received, I'd take just about anything right now. Enter marketing techniques learned hungover in Undergrad. (go rams) This now gives me something to do during a little bit of free time I have today. Maybe if I actually told people the name of this here blog. Could be a start. Also, if I changed it around a little bit so that appealed to a larger demographic group than solely myself. Let the business plan begin!


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