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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Probably would have rather the sharp stick in my eye

Holy crap. The opening band for Animal Collective last night sucked (see: title). The closest thing to saying something nice remains...uh, that was interesting. And although I really try not to dwell on the "not so much" stuff & stay with positive feedback, this is my blog so fuggit.
AC opened with a bang of great to sporadically lose my attention because something was just a little off. Worth the dough, lack of sleep & seemingly sardine can surroundings, yes. These guys looked like they were having a great time on stage & gave off some really fun energy. So it wasn't so much them, it was more the Empty Bottle. Their sound seemed too big for the place & the insane amount of people muffled some artistic possibility. Maybe it was the tribal percussion that made me feel like I should've been dancing around in the woods, bonfire ablaze. Regardless, it was still enjoyable. Plus, I had some really good company. (confidential to lurker: thanks for going with me) Enough, enough, surprise grant waiting for answers.


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