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Monday, April 04, 2005

Slightly less safe than before

Despite my love of walking to work, this neighborhood is becoming less & less attractive to stay in. First, physical safety not quite up to par this week as 1 person was shot & 2 shot at about 8 blocks away from my apt.
Second, I must cut ties with a decided energy-sucker who lives near me. Come on, you know the type. Seemingly positive & harmless people who turn out as complete takers with little to no actual concern for anyone but themselves & what energy they can suck off of you. I've acted nicely but the hints have not rung in & it's reached the point of responding to "I'd really love to meet your family someday" with "well, you won't, I wouldn't want them to meet you". I'm a generally good-natured person & it takes quite a bit to piss me off. Passive-aggressive manipulation & not listening to me when I ask you to please not call anymore will throw me into that decidedly ugly mindframe & I tend to say some pretty mean things. Phew! Okay, keep ya posted. I gotta hit a poetry reading.


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