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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

There's a new Pope, what does this mean for me?

Absolutely nothing. Other than the next time I see my stepma she'll list off his credentials a few times after several glasses of wine. (last family thing dad got drunk, which means that it's her turn) That, my friends, is what innermonologue is for.
In other news...
Everybody should go to While in the doctor's office waiting for my mommy on Sunday morning, I picked up Friday's paper, in which there was an article about how Arrested Development might not get picked up next season. The aforementioned website is kinda cheesy. It asks you to sign this pledge about being an avid fan. Anyhow, cancellation of AD would really suck, as it's a terrific show.
Second, & more importantly, yours truely had a date last night & from my point of view, it went pretty well. Positive: He's cute but more importantly has a terrific sense of humor & damn intellegent. Not so much: Obviously really likes gambling. But who am I to criticize? Will keep you posted.


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