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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The nice, long holiday weekend turned pretty off the hook from the get go. Friday night J & I ended up at the Falcon chit chatting with a guy in leather pants (I kept wanting to call him Sid) who turned out very open about some societally-viewed abnormal sexual behaviors. I learned quite a bit while subtly bouncing my head to a young Michael & Stevie. Saturday stayed a bit more subdued & finally found shoes to go with my beautiful new olive dress (yeah!). Sunday allowed me to get quite a bit done so by the time 10 came around I was ready to hit the town again. The Hungry Brain called us up to the Roscoe Village area where I discovered yet another very good jukebox (my heart stopped upon seeing Luna, Bjork & the Pretenders). Note to self: visit there again. Monday consisted of trampsing to the Point around 8:00 a.m. on our way home from Vince's, sleeping, eating, being a total mess of a human being by dropping things out of my pockets & purse more times than I'd like to admit (thanks to Dr. Danger for tolerating clumsiness & actually finding some humor in my inner-clutz) & falling back asleep at the insane hour of 7:30 p.m. I'm pretty sure tonight won't go too much later than last, as I'm shooting to snuggle in around 9:30 (what a sissy), that is unless a better idea presented.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Waking up this morning to a beautiful sunny Friday automatically put me into a very silly mood. That & on my walk into work I realized that a lot of the time our office will close early on the Friday before a holiday weekend. Wow, I'm thinking, what a great day already. When the boss man didn't send out an email notifying us of an early closing a small part of my hopes crashed. Eh, okay, at least it's still sunny & I'll leave right at 5. In order to secure this sunniness, I brought a jacket & an umbrella to work. Seeing as I thought I had god & that Murphy's law stuff all figured out, there's no way it could get crappy if I over prepare. Ha ha, screw you, weatherman! Apparently, god & Murphy had a little powwow this morning & decided to mix it up a little. During the last cig break I took, my body demonstrated just how hard my nipples can get & the sun was officially half gone, having made room for cerrulean colored clouds I suspect to be filled with acid rain. And I was all worried that I'd lost all motivation to get in the pool this evening. Granted, I don't really need to sit on a porch, drink pitchers & get a little drunk before the sun goes down but it sounded like a very fun option for the afternoon/evening.
So during this very silly & creative beginning to my day I remembered an idea that sprung into my head last night...If only I could train Merlin, the Teste-faced cat, to give back rubs. I ran pretty hard last night & was already starting to feel it by the time I got home from dinner with Schmale (mmmm....sushi). I'd gotten as far as putting on jammie pants but at that point my bed looked so good that I flopped onto it in an attempt to regain enough energy to complete my nightly routine, shirtless & belly down. Totally a drunk move but I wasn't drunk, just high on green tea ice cream. Merlin, as expected, followed heed & jumped up to merow (he doesn't meow, he merows) in my ear & make my head into a leaning post. He stampered on & around my skull, neck & shoulders in my food-coma-ed bed sprawl, thus spurred the previously expressed thought of feline massage, hmmmm... this is how he could finally start to earn his keep. (Upon later telling him this, joking of course, I quickly followed up that his love was more than enough to keep him around, concerned that I may breed a sense of insecurity in him. I worry about his self esteem with that big ol' testicular-looking thing hanging off of his face) This morning in my silly mood, I took my hypothesis & drew up a rough plan of action. Maybe if I strategically place Pounce treats on my back he will climb on my pressure points, releasing some muscular tension. Okay, okay, completely hair-brained idea but it was quite funny in my head. And in normal Friday afternoon fashion, I must get something accomplished so I feel like a slightly worthy human being today. Ciao bellas!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Dinner & conversation with Dr. Danger took the place of running at the track last night. Definitely worth the trade-off, as I think we might have learned more about each other last night than the whole almost year that we've known each other. Enough of the mush mush. I was still a bit wound up when I got home so I decided that I should channel my energy into some catch up work with the Porch Music's cover & see if I could catch up with some of the peeps out west. Hitting the far reaches of Halsted, I finally got a chance to chat with my old pal Vince, who informed me that he's goin' a be a daddy in August. A small, very well-dressed bird I ran into at Smartbar a few months ago whispered a little somethin-somethin about this into my ear, but since it wasn't yet verified, I thought hell, the rumor mill has produced enough falsifications about yours truely, this could just be another game of telephone gone berzerk. This will be the 2nd of my friends to be expecting in the historically hottest month of the year north of the equator. Yeah! Another beautiful little creature to spoil & hand right back to mom & dad.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

About 24 hours ago I got to experience pre-proposal submission anxiety for the first time in over a month. (I'd kinda forgotten what it feels like) So far, the best way to describe this would be a track sprinter lunged over, feet resting in those holder things, ready to spring into action at any minute & take charge quickly with as few errors as possible. And as we all know, you may practice forever but actually perfecting something remains a crap-shoot in most cases, as rehearsals don't include uncontrolled outer forces. Maybe you'll trip on a pebble. In my case, I might receive a bunch of very time-consuming recommended corrections in my Inbox while the clock seems to tick in double time. Granted, I'm not saving lives but most government & non-profit agencies take deadlines very seriously, especially if they're submitted online. This is why I like to have it all done two days early (this has happened twice, leaving it at a 13% chance of actually having the luxury of the following process) to check, double check, put it down for a day & recheck the proposal to be submitted. Luckily, the science part mainly falls on the part of the investigators, however, more than one occasion has arisen to proofread & make sure the i's & t's dotted & crossed, respectively. Anyhow, yesterday marked the first time that no upheaving comments came through. Yeah! No pebbles! To continue with the analogy, turns out we were so ahead of the game that I got to trot into the finish line.
Speaking of trotting, I'm thinking that the track is calling my name this evening. Last night J & I played tennis (see: chasing tennis balls around a court, Laborador Retriever style). While there, I sadly found out that the nets had been put up despite all of my prayers that the person in charge of those courts would forget for the '05 season. Also, we f-ing got hit on while "playing". Some dirtbag walked up to the chain-link court surroundings & yelled in "who's winnin'?" (which neither of us understood until the 3rd repitition). Uh, she is, I blurted, pointing to J. He then cut straight to the chase & asked if he could play next round. Mind you, he was wearing jeans & had no racket with him. J jumped in to respond that we were going to play until I fell over. He wanted to know who we were & our numbers so we could play sometime. Again, J swooshed in to save my slack-jawed, attempting-to-ignore-this-creep ass by saying we should leave it up to fate (or something similar, seeing at this point I'm still in shock that this situation is actually occuring). He then yelled at me to turn around until I did so he could remember my face (this was a 45 second task). What a goon! What ever happened to social grace? Don't get me wrong, I trip all over my words all the time & respect a certain amount of boldness, but this was ridiculous. We're obviously playing a game. So after drowning out that experience with tostadas & hummus, we headed back to the ghetto to find that my television has officially quit. I can't even whack its side to made the static go away anymore. Looks like this weekend will come with a project, hauling a 27 incher down 3 flights of stairs & lugging a new one up. I'm seriously considering the purchase of a smaller television for anticipated moving purchases. Time to read more guidelines. One down 2 to go.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Last week turned out much busier than I'd anticipated, seeing as I have a proposal due tomorrow afternoon which hasn't even been editted yet. Gggrrr... So yesterday afternoon I got a chance to chat with my old pal, Miller. He alerted me that his temporary job is with an oil company. After an awkward silence I, of course, asked if he was morally up to this or better yet, had some kind of sabotage plan going on. He responded no to the latter & that if he didn't do this job, someone else would. Good point but I did remind him of the hours we spent senior year of college debating with the albeit small population of conservatives in good ol' Fort Fun about these & similar subjects. I guess part of idealistic youth has given way to the harsh reality of rent, health insurance & the like. We also got a chance to chat about one of the small self-realizations of the last couple weeks. That being a behavioral change I hadn't noticed until it repeated itself. I'm just not down with casual sex anymore. Maybe within the time I was with P something changed, maybe it's age. Although these are two possibilities, I'm leaning more towards therapy & being content with singlehood. Not liking it but accepting that it's the better of 2 possibilities if it comes down to that or having only luke-warm feelings for someone. To my surprise, he wasn't surprised.
And for the girly news of the weekend...I found a dress for this summer's weddings (I think). My very first Nicole Miller. She was hanging on a 2nd floor rack of Neiman's just waiting for me to find her. I feel a bit like an olive in it (due to color) but have a bunch of black cocktail dresses so figured it was time for a little change. We'll see, as it must pass a board of fashion consultants (the girlfriends) before her tags are removed. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Harold's Triumphant Return

A few years ago (when sattelite television constantly blared from most rooms of the abode in which I lived) the Direct TV guide taunted me with "Harold and" displayed as an upcoming programing attraction. It didn't take this sometimes a little dull-point to pick up that various channels did not, in fact, play "Harold and Maude" habitually but instead some "Harold and the Purple Crayon" cartoon with irritating regularity. At age 17 I fell in love with "Harold & Maude", sealing my undying crush on young Bud Cort, further pushing my semi-obsession with depressed men with suicidal tendancies & urging me to forever check the Soundtrack section of record stores in the hope of finding Cat Steven's music from the movie on one disc (still in search of the latter).
After the long wait from theater to video (since we remember a few months back when we didn't quite make it to the show), I finally got ahold of "Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou". There he was, Harold (aka Bud Cort), not nearly as adorable as I remember nor was his character as endearing but the movie itself turned out great. An avid fan of Wes Anderson, I didn't expect anything life-changing but as expected, this produced almost 2 hours of pure entertainment & unparalleled humor. To write out a full review would take up way too much time & space. Thus, I'll just pull out major points & rate them out of 5.
Set: 5. Colorful, imaginative. The Belafonte was just so much fun. Plus, they had cats all over the place.
Acting: 5. Angelica Houston & Bill Murray. 'nuf said
Plot: 4. Kept attention 90% of the time but was a little slow in the beginning.
Soundtrack: 4. I'm generally not a huge Bowie fan. This movie may have changed all that.
Costume: 5. Much more theatrical than movieish. Love it.
Overall: 4.6. The purchase of a used copy of this DVD will not be regretted.

Monday, May 16, 2005

As predicted, this weekend ended up really low key & much needed. Friday night I rented Bad Education (La Mala Educacion) & it did not dissappoint. Although, had I known it would be so heavy, I don't think I would have rented it with the anticipation of falling asleep right after. It took a good 2 hours to digest the themes & amazing performances.
Saturday, Schmale & I played some great tennis. I'm really diggin' this tennis sans nets thing as they only seem to get in the way. Extreme tennis taken to the next level. Unfortunately, I didn't find the perfect dress for this summer's weddings but have one possibility. A cute strapless, pink number from J Crew. I'm going back next weekend to try it on again to see if I really like it or just kinda like it. Both S & I were quite dissappointed in the selection of dresses out there right now, everywhere. Most of them I'd seen & tried on before, that is in the basement of the high school I attended & with the goal of finding a costume for Little Shop of Horrors.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Although my mind is telling me that it's Friday & time to get out & have fun, my body has decided otherwise. Apparently, it's under strict guidelines to keep me away from the usual Friday fun by pulling some wise ass tricks, such as craving comfortable clothes, ice cream & a movie, as well as displaying the oh-so-unattractive "tired eyes". Ah, what the hell. The last few weekends have been pretty damn busy & June's already filled up nicely with shows, so I'm not going out of my way to look for anything but a good movie to rent.
What I am going to have to start looking for is a dress to wear to this summer's weddings. OBC, here I come. Wonder if they sell dates, too? My original idea for a date I don't think is going to happen. Which is too bad, 'cuz I liked him. I'd made the fallback comment but didn't mean it as if someone else better comes along, instead that I hoped he didn't feel pressured or that I was looking into this all too seriously. But as I've proven several hundred times in the past, when I get nervous, I say dumb things & should just not talk during those times, at all. Speaking of time to not talk, work's almost done so I'm gonna get goin', get gone.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Just got back from an interview to volunteer with the U of C Hospitals. And first, let me comment on the amazing Children's hospital they have. Patient care, in general, I feel has really come a long way in the last 15 years. But the programs & resources they have for children is mind bogglingly superior to anything I experienced as a child, which is a really good thing. Plus, they carry that attitude over into their volunteer work, which attracts me to the program. Second, not only was there an half an hour interview, I will proceed to have a 5 hour orientation, Comer training & a health screening. Which brings me to an even bigger surprise. A drug test. Whaaaaaa? No doubt in my mind that this will not be a problem. However, the interviewer did mention it not once, but twice (which now classified this as an emphasis), that the physical will include a drug screening. Keep in mind that in order to work at the hospital, no drug test is necessary. After pondering this issue on my walk to back to the office, I think I figured it out. The volunteers are in patient rooms with some pretty heavily controlled prescription medicine & they just wanna make sure some shady character's not up to shady behavior.
Tonight=swim & quite possibly a dinner of gyros, or maybe a rueben. that's something to really ponder.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I just called an unnamed, regulatory official at DOD & she said "bye-bye" at the end of her voicemail. The thunderous societal pressure (or maybe it's just in my head) to grow up just lifted a little.

I'm quickly becoming the master of avoidance. At least when it comes to housework. Desperate not to clean my apartment last night I actually rationalized the excuse that I needed to do some cover art for cds. In my defense, the art came out pretty damn cool & I think that I now have a cover for Porch Mix '05 & finished the front of a graduation gift.
I also got to probe the male mind a little bit upon a call from dear ol' Mr. H, who will be joining us for the summer in the city. (We missed your dj stylings & always fun conversation, Brett!) Our history of me as the bitchy, older sister of one of his best friends in high school now adds an immense amount of honesty & a mutual respect for where we've been & are now as people to our acquaintanceship. Thus, his ability to break it down without any fluff or the fear that he might hurt my feelings (& likewise) helped out a bit. I know & understand A, as well as B. The problem is the arrival from one point to the next.
Okay, lunch is done & I don't wanna stick around here late as to I can grab a coffee from the Med & read in the park pre ballet, so I'm gonna quit this ramble session.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Had the fresh mozz & tomato sandwich washed down with a tasty lemon soda not been so good, the fact that U Market no longer stocks B & J's Brownie Batter may have completely ruined my day. Phish food is so 7 years ago. These stockers should really get with the program. 2k5 is all about The Batter. Next thing I know Haagen Daz will stop their Strawberry production. Life would then, officially, be over. Sigh, back of hand to forehead in overdramatic falling movement.


Although the jog I took yesterday felt great, I'm suffering a bit today, as my joints & muscles aren't used to running on pavement. Thus, I'm using the need to release some lactic acid as an excuse for running over to U Market for lunch. (I really just want a big ol' sammich & a brownie) The amount that I've been running in general has dramatically decreased in the last 6 months. However, for the first time in about 10 years I'm exercising because I enjoy it rather than as a means of weight control. Which ironically, makes me want to get out jogging more often & I haven't gained weight. Funny how that all works.
I also had a mini-epiphany around 5 a.m. on Saturday morning which I might end up touching on later but am letting it digest a bit before I spill any beans & contract myself into something with a possibity of renigging in the future. Yet another bite-in-my-ass, since I recently told someone that I thought epiphanies were kinda bullshit. Better judgement also stopped me from picking up the phone to call this person at an ungodly time in the morning as I'm sure now that they wouldn't have given a shit or at least wouldn't be nearly as excited about this mini-revelation as I was at the time. Where in the hell did this rational behavior while drinking come from all of a sudden?

Friday, May 06, 2005

Or maybe not...

...since it's so incredibly nice outside today. Chances of getting stuff done around my apartment today have dwindled, dwindled down to a lot less than they were before.
Rationalization of the day: I can sleep & clean in the winter.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

OD on da B

Never thought I'd be happier to have no plans so far other than dancing & hanging out with my family this weekend. Although much fun was had in the last 5 days, my poor little body justs wants to take it easy for a few days.
Tuesday's show was really fun, beginning with J & I downing a bottle of champagne pre-show. Forgot how much that shit makes me laugh at nothing. New Order played all of the songs I psychically requested but one. Not bad, not bad. Despite the very sweaty men in front of me, the crowd was fun & we even ran into some pals from school/work. Always good to see familiar faces. (conf to lurker: And you said that you don't dance. I saw you gettin' down a little bit.) Post show we grabbed some fried cheese & hit a super divey dive bar to take full control of the jukebox. As any good night, we finished off with a mini dance party at J's abode. Thanks to Dr. Danger, I got home safely (lest I would have passed out on J's couch fer sher) & I know we chatted around 5 but don't remember too much (or any, really) of what we talked about except that the text message I'd sent was sooooo wrong gramatically, that it was humorous.
In closing, a Training Grant is calling my name & so is a Blueberry B Monster.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Weekend Ratios

Okay, okay, so I've returned from Vegas to some not-so-exciting DOD guidelines that must be read & questioned today. Quick break to keep myself awake. (yawn: 28 pages, 2nd time through)
Quick synopsis of this weekend of fun/hell:
Hours of sleep=5 (before the 3 hr plane ride home)
Puking: Being puked on: Lapdances=1:1:1(lapdances are funny)
Money left home with=$450 (cash money)
Money arrived home with=$27 (crumpled cash money)
Money gambled=$12 (you do the math, we were pretty hammered all weekend)
How many times I told Amy how much I loved Vegas=can't count that high
Another thing I noted was the really bad music everywhere I went. Kinda felt like I was at a fraternity party for most of the weekend. The aurally offending selection was so horrible at the strip club (one more thing I can say that I've done) that I asked the dj to please change it & rattled off a bunch of artists/albums/songs I felt more appropriate for taking your clothes off to(some of my requests had matching arguments of why). Regardless, I had a whole lot of fun but was really excited to come home, take a shower & sleep in my bed for more than 1.5 hours at a time.
Tonight=New Order w/J=fun fun @ the Aragon