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Thursday, May 05, 2005

OD on da B

Never thought I'd be happier to have no plans so far other than dancing & hanging out with my family this weekend. Although much fun was had in the last 5 days, my poor little body justs wants to take it easy for a few days.
Tuesday's show was really fun, beginning with J & I downing a bottle of champagne pre-show. Forgot how much that shit makes me laugh at nothing. New Order played all of the songs I psychically requested but one. Not bad, not bad. Despite the very sweaty men in front of me, the crowd was fun & we even ran into some pals from school/work. Always good to see familiar faces. (conf to lurker: And you said that you don't dance. I saw you gettin' down a little bit.) Post show we grabbed some fried cheese & hit a super divey dive bar to take full control of the jukebox. As any good night, we finished off with a mini dance party at J's abode. Thanks to Dr. Danger, I got home safely (lest I would have passed out on J's couch fer sher) & I know we chatted around 5 but don't remember too much (or any, really) of what we talked about except that the text message I'd sent was sooooo wrong gramatically, that it was humorous.
In closing, a Training Grant is calling my name & so is a Blueberry B Monster.


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