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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Weekend Ratios

Okay, okay, so I've returned from Vegas to some not-so-exciting DOD guidelines that must be read & questioned today. Quick break to keep myself awake. (yawn: 28 pages, 2nd time through)
Quick synopsis of this weekend of fun/hell:
Hours of sleep=5 (before the 3 hr plane ride home)
Puking: Being puked on: Lapdances=1:1:1(lapdances are funny)
Money left home with=$450 (cash money)
Money arrived home with=$27 (crumpled cash money)
Money gambled=$12 (you do the math, we were pretty hammered all weekend)
How many times I told Amy how much I loved Vegas=can't count that high
Another thing I noted was the really bad music everywhere I went. Kinda felt like I was at a fraternity party for most of the weekend. The aurally offending selection was so horrible at the strip club (one more thing I can say that I've done) that I asked the dj to please change it & rattled off a bunch of artists/albums/songs I felt more appropriate for taking your clothes off to(some of my requests had matching arguments of why). Regardless, I had a whole lot of fun but was really excited to come home, take a shower & sleep in my bed for more than 1.5 hours at a time.
Tonight=New Order w/J=fun fun @ the Aragon