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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Yeah! I love birthdays! Just love them to bits & pieces because it gives you a chance to catch up with people who you haven't talked to all year other than on their birthday! My old pal, Brad, sent me a little text message today wishing me a happy birthday. He's off because it's tomorrow but this is great because I lost Brad's phone number when I switched phones two phones ago. Oh good. Brad & I must see each other soon. I'm putting my foot down on that one.
Birthday plans changed. Babareeba's booked to the party's been officially moved to Bob San's.
What I've learned so far today: Potato salad can give you some serious gas and using your mouth as an oscillating fan does not (I repeat DOES NOT) really help out with the diffusion process in an 8x10 office. Folder waving, on the other hand, does help, but is noisy & noticeable. Oh man, Summerdance is gonna be fun tonight.


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