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Thursday, August 11, 2005

i'm your only friend...

i'm not your only friend but i'm a little glowing friend but really i'm not actually not your friend but i am

Today is officially Early 90's Releases Stuck in my Head Day

Sometimes I swear there's a James bug that crawls into my brain & embeds itself only to remind me to pull out some older stuff & irritate the hell out of me until I can get home & do so. Doesn't help that Born of Frustration makes a nest within my cerrebral tissues when I feel frustrated, which further frustrates me. Thanks brain, I'd much rather TMBG right now. "Feeling frustrated"? What's with you and all these stupid feelings lately? Well, I found out last night that the apartment I really wanted. "The Alley", remember? Well, it was leased on Tuesday night. Wah. Well, that & stupid liars that lie but it's not really lying because there's some truth to it. Only they lie to get my goat & get me all worked up & feel hurt. So you talked to your stepmom. Ding.

So get over it. Okay, I'll try but she has a femullet & that's just wrong. Shut up. You used to own an all Hypercolor outfit (remember the socks?).

____ is the new ______.

After Lolla... a friend of mine emailed to see how it was. I'd responded that the music was the only good thing about it (& getting hit on by a guy in a Ted Nugent shirt. Yeah. Nuge). Too hot & entirely too expensive & I wasn't feelin' too keen on the crowd vibe. $5 for Bud Light=ludacris. Also, I'd noted several people walking around at the concert with Lolla... gear on their bodies. Wow, there are either a lot of sloppy eaters or people who spontaneously burst into flames & had to buy new clothes around this place, I thought to myself. (note: was real drunk the first day) Once my mind cleared up a bit I realized that wearing the concert clothes at the concert is the new wearing the concert tee-shirt to school on Monday morning when we were like 16. Sweet. Apparently, this trend has taken hold of the pubescent population of urban areas (or at least Chi), as I saw several people sporting Ben Folds gear at the Ben Folds show @ Ravinia last night. Despite the inability to smoothly maneuver through a crowd to get to the "smoking area", it was great. Usually the herd of people talking in the middle of a walkway will drive me nuts. Kinda like three people going the same speed in all 3 lanes of 294. Rufus Wainwright put on a wonderful, soulful performance. Ben Folds did a great job of keeping the performance at a pace where he didn't lose your attention, even if unfamiliar with the songs. But everybody knew Brick, so they all sang along. If I actually liked that song or everyone sang along to Evaporated I would have been a little bit more peeved but it ain't a fav so it didn't matter so much. The disgusted look on Nick's face when this occurred was totally worth listening to a few bars of off-tune fellow-listeners. Ha ha ha!

Since this was another kinda lame post, I'll leave you with a lame joke. But only the question. Provide me with the answer & win a prize.

Q: What did the fish say when he swam into the wall?


Blogger Conti said...

Q: What did the fish say when he swam into the wall?

A: I wish the pain would FIN-ish.

4:41 PM

Blogger emertron said...


Note: from here on out, "Ding"=yes, "Buzz"=no.

Sorry Conti. But keep trying. Maybe you'll win some mistletoe.

4:44 PM

Blogger erin said...

what did the fish say when he swam into the wall?


one time i was at a show and my boyfriend at the time bought me a shirt and tried to make me wear it right then because i guess i was dressed too slutty and getting too much attention. i didn't wear the shirt.

4:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:15 PM

Blogger emertron said...

Erin: Buzz

Your story's awesome. Are you going to play The Feud tonight? I think I might be bringing another ice cream cake (yum yum!). Lemme know. I'm off work in 20.

5:23 PM

Blogger Ajax said...


2:30 PM

Blogger emertron said...

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Ajax got the lame joke!

2:47 PM

Blogger ica said...

I don't know if he got it. Wouldn't it be "dam!"

3:47 PM

Blogger emertron said...

And the judges ruling:
either way is acceptable.

It's a pun, get it?

4:55 PM

Blogger Belinda said...

Just thanks for referencing TMBG. There IS a little birdhouse in my soul.

1:09 AM


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