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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Dirtbagging the Neiman Marcus out of me

"Hi E, it's R"/"Hi R, how are you?"/"I'm good & you?"/"Terrific, what can I do for you?"/"Well you're not going to like this but here goes...Dr. ******* has a proposal to submit"/"Uh, when is it due?"/"October 1 & I don't have anything for it. It's through A*******"/"Seriously?"/"Yep"

Fuck. Me.

3 seconds later the very organized yet but very over-tense & nervous guy who I'm working on 2 stuffs with for this month calls for like the 3rd time since I got to work an hour before. "is it done? is it done? is it done?" NO! I had a deadline for 2 stuffs today. His shit isn't due until Monday. It's like that guy that calls like every 2 days to see if you want to do something & you're like...DDUUUUUDE NO! I did think that maybe you were pretty cool & maybe we would have hung out & realized that we totally dug each other & fall in loved or whatever but now you've just annoyed me to the point that I don't want anything to do with you.

I've been that person.

Last night we went to the Falcon. Yeah, the "omg I wouldn't put my bare ass anywhere near that toilet seat" Falcon. I always meet very interesting people at the Falcon. Like Falcon Chris. Hhhmmm...wonder where Falcon Chris is. I think he's supposed to be back from learning about irrigation in India. He was kind of a weirdo & when he walked it looked like he should be snapping his fingers or something. Somewhat of a bopping kind of walk. And his clothes didn't match. He said he was a student but I think that maybe he was homeless & wanted people to think he was a student. Like I said, he's pretty weird. Last night we met some teachers. They were nice. The Falcon is good for music, too. But you can only stay like 2 hours because you run out of good songs to listen to. I played Alright, Uptight (clear out of sight) like 3 times & a whole bunch of Cure & Patsy Cline & Cher. You know those times that you just want to listen to Cher because she believes in life after love & if she believes then maybe we all can believe.

Do you believe?

Jake met Con & I out at the Falcon, too. He came in to visit in between doing his monkey work. Jake's a really cool guy, too. I always want to call him Sid. Like Sid Viscous because he has these rad leather pants that he wears. He can pull off leather pants. He's been to Burning Man like 4 times or something. This year he was a zombie. So Jake seemed a little bit sad. What can we do to cheer up Jake? Con & I think maybe take him to a strip club & get him lap dances. He'd like that sort of thing maybe. He likes girls A LOT.

So then I forgot to set my alarm last night & I woke up late. That stunk. Turns out it was pretty good thing, though, because I would have done something & then totally had to redo it & that would have stressed me out more than I'm already stressed out & could possibly piss me off. I guess some things happen for reasons.

Do you believe?

So this week I found out that work will probably continue to be a bit of a bitch for like another month & some weeks. I don't even know if I'll be able to go out for Halloween, which is so ridiculous I can't even think about it. I do a lot of rushing & waiting. While I wait, I check out Craig's List sometimes. I think that the personal ads are funny. But let me warn you...some of them are without clothes so watch out. You don't want to get caught looking at someone with their pants around their ankles. And the people aren't pretty naked people. They're scary naked people. Anyhow, there are some people who post & are serious. Like really serious with like professional pictures in suits & stuff. I saw one today with the picture of the shirtless dude. His title was like "Don't pass me up" or something. That's a pretty strong statement coming from a man who posted himself on the web shirtless, don't you think?

I'm gonna walk home in the dark again now.


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