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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


News that you may not know or even care about.

Sad sad day. Sad sad sad sad sad sad day.

I had a chance to chat with a friend about this issue last night so I'm not feeling as angry anymore, just sad. He lived in a little ski town in the past, too, so we were in agreement. YOU DON'T GROOM BOWLS. Are they nuts? Why would you do that? What is wrong with these people? Do they not understand what good snow is? It's not packed precipitation with a little leeway to swoosh around in. Nosireebob. It's jumping stuff. It's soft & fun & just plain so great I can't even describe it properly. Goddamn Vail Resorts. Next thing you know they'll bring in chain restaurants & a mall or something. Gggggggrrrrrrr...

Maybe I'll write a letter expressing my disappointment.

Speaking of letters, I have a couple more to write. First, to Ms. Fiona Apple who is allowing her concert tickets to sell for $40/each. Okay, little Miss Apple's not your last name it's your middle name, cut the crap. Don't get me wrong, I love her. I'd prefer to stay away from commenting on the third album & it's finally released production (ahem, it kinda sucked. you should have stuck with Brion). However, the first two, namely the second one, are A M A Z I N G (just like the sweet, soft snow that the groomer people are going to run right over to take the fun out of flying down bowls, jumping all the way). So unless the ticket fairy tucks some tickets under my pillow or I happen to trip into a windfall of caaaeeeesh money, I am boycotting. BOYCOTTING!

And then there's the last letter. (dear nick, will you please help me out with this one? thanks, em) There is no Taco Bell within like 10 miles of me. This is so wrong on so many levels I can't even count them. College campus (yes, it may be a loser campus but it's still a campus) & no Taco Bell? Unacceptable. Thus, I am writing a letter to the head honchos who want us all to think outside the bun, requesting they put a franchise in the neighborhood. Right next to Jimmy's or The Pub would be best but as long as it's within the 2 block south, 4 blocks east or west & 5 block north area of my apartment, I think we should be good to go.

La la la la, turn that frown upside down.

Tonight America's Next Top Model is on. FIERCE!

If you have not seen this show, you should. Really. Really. Really. So in honor of ANTM(!) & that I need to work on ship shaping up these Top 5 lists. If you would like to tell me YOUR Top 5 Catwalk songs, that'd be cool, too. That is, unless it sucks & then keep it to yourself.

Top 5 Catwalk (as in the Runway not actually walking around like a cat) songs:
1. Matthew Sweet-Girlfriend
2. Air-Kelly Watch the Stars
3. Various songs by RJD2
4. Royce-Purple Puppies
5. Mark Almaria-Creamy Groove Machine (side 1)

Toodles Poodles.


Blogger erin said...

there's a mexican place by dr. wax that according to the sign is open 24 hours but i just want to let you know IT IS SO NOT OPEN 24 HOURS. do you know what is open 24 hours in hyde park? TOGO/DUNKIN DONUTS AND ONLY TOGO/DUNKIN DONUTS. what a disappoinment.

12:09 PM

Blogger emertron said...

No kidding! I haven't ever been to the mexican place by dr. wax. have you? is it any good? surprisingly, since i spend a considerable amount of time (& $) there.

12:26 PM

Blogger Ajax said...

I haven't even been to Dr. Wax.

4:17 PM

Blogger nk said...

Taco Bell? Oh my, Emmy.

4:22 PM

Blogger ica said...

Wow, I was basically going to say the exact same thing as Erin. But don't get too disappointed, TOGO actually ain't that bad.

4:53 PM

Blogger ica said...

Oh yeah the place by Dr. Wax is really good. It's in that little plaza thing underneath that Dixie Cafe or whatever.

4:53 PM

Blogger emertron said...

a. Sweet.

b. The place is called the Dixie Kitchen & their fried green tomatoes aren't too shabby. Plus, it's pretty cheap for eating out. If you would like to try it some time, you wouldn't have to twist my arm.

10:18 PM


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