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Monday, November 14, 2005

Another Missed Opportunity

WARNING: Do not read further if you do not enjoy "potty humor".

Okay, so a well-known fact about Tron is that she likes potty humor. If you are unfamiliar with "potty humor", know that it contains such subcategories as poop jokes, laughing at people who pee in their pants ("piddling" also included in this subset), getting a kick out of tummy rumblings & uncontrollable giggling at what may or may not be considered funny sounds & smells.

Why are you talking about yourself in the 3rd person?

I dunno. Why are you here?

Potty humor. Why else?

Makes sense to me.

Despite the obvious grossness & unladylikeness of this subject, I just can't help myself. It was coded in the original 46 chromosomes that I fall over laughing if I hear someone rip ass. Everyone in my family has the disease. If you really want to get me an awesomer-than-lots-of-other-things present, look no further than a fart machine. Those things are fucking hilarious. Getting to the point, since work is super slow right now I've had ample time to surf the net.

This is what I came across.

Offensive? Maybe. In poor taste? Eh. Amusing? Absofuckinglutely. (confidential to Alison, that was for you!)

These are the same guys that actually named out 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.

And again, can someone please explain the the hell is going on this picture? Best guess wins a prize.


Blogger mandy said...

my boss brought his fart machine to work once.

5:06 PM

Blogger emertron said...

Wasn't it awesome?!?!?!

5:28 PM

Blogger nk said...

I never poo. Ever.

12:56 AM

Blogger emertron said...

You're full of shit.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Get it?

1:34 AM

Blogger Ajax said...

I love David Hasslehoff.

AKA "The 'Hoff".

12:16 PM

Blogger emertron said...

The Hoff went to high school one town over from the town where I grew up. When we'd go there for sports meets you could still feel The Hoff's amazing energy resonating through the halls.

11:38 AM

Blogger Ajax said...


(comment addendum: not to be confused with Susanna 'The Hoffs' Hoffs)

11:46 AM

Blogger emertron said...

Of course not! She has her own Eternal Flame.

12:02 PM

Blogger ica said...

Okay I read the first five and I will read no more because I want to write out 50 ways to leave your lover.

4:20 PM

Blogger emertron said...

Awesome. Will you send it to me when you do? Can I contribute?

4:31 PM


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