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Monday, December 12, 2005

Oops! I crapped my pants, again. (but not as much this time)

Me & my dumb ass decided that I should stay up & write for a while on Thursday night. It had blizzarded so I had a lot of energy. You see, when it snows a lot my body gets all excited to go skiing but that trait is absolutely useless around here. USELESS, since the largest incline we have, well, nevermind, it just doesn't exist. So by Friday night, after more hours of rehearsal than sleep I was tired.


But my phone rang & I was all...'hello'...& the other line was all 'hey, still up for the caribou show tonight'...& my body was all 'NO!'...but my brain was all 'but if you don't get up & return those movies you will have late fees & you know that there is nothing worst or a greater waste of money than late fees so you may as well just get up & drop those off & keep driving'...but my body was all 'well, fine, but i'm not showering'.

Oh yes you are.

So I trudged up to the Northside. Putting on cute clothes & skinny jeans did not work their usual magic & I was still all 'hmmmph' & 'blechk' & 'boogety boogety boo' (ha ha, just kidding about that last one). So we headed into Subterranean & it was smokey, even for me & my eyes got all dry & itchy. So some guy with a guitar was on stage & he was just alright & he played a cover of 'Come on, Eileen' & then these 3 guys that emitted cockiness & jorky porkiness headed up to the stage next & they were all acting like they're the baddest thing to come out of the uppermiddle class but they were pretty good. But the way that a 'jam band' is pretty good, you know? Entertaining, fun, not so much real music.

Worth checking out for 3-5 dollars.

By the time Caribou came on it was like 11:55. 11:55 is late. And they just popped. Popped all over the place with this amazing sounding sound & so big but so simple & very very very clear. And they have all of this percussion stuff in their band, which when done correctly is awesome. AWESOME! They had 2 drummers so it was like double my fun because you all know how I have a thing for drummers. Don't ask me why, I don't know. Probably because they're the quiet ones in the back & that interests me or because they control the tempo of the song or maybe because I was a flute player & we're supposed to go out with the drummers or maybe just because an awesome musician is an awesome musician but I notice it more with percussion because I have no idea how they could ever move their arms & wrists & hands so quickly & precisely. Regardless, these dudes were great. Completely on. ON. So on that I woke up. And then they played 'Bees', so I closed my eyes & let my brain play around with the different layers in that song. MMmmmmmm....musical layers with the recorders & keyboards & voices & guitars & drums. Delicious. And they played a whole bunch of more songs & I could see the drummers' sweat on their foreheads from the 2nd floor & it was just great. Boy did they ever show us how passionate they are about music. So passionate that one of the drummers broke one of his snare drums. Bang! Bang! Bang!

Wow! So that was awesome. So so so so awesome. There were like 12 or 15 duo drum sequences but they weren't boring like a lot of drum solos can be, you know, when you're like 'okay, you can stop that silly, annoying noise now, please'. Dead on. And no, this was no '+2's. It is unfair to challenge anyone to that level of accomplishment. Plus, the '+2's played at the Museum of Comtemporary Art, which has no smoke & chairs. However, Caribou has comfortably squeezed itself into the top 10 concerts of all time.

So that was a really great night. And I got to work today to find out that I 'have to' take 2 more days off of work by Jan. 1 or I'll 'lose' them. Now watch, all of my dreams will come true & Santa will bring me a basket full of kittens & those 'blondie' bars (the good ones) & some prociutto-wrapped cantalope & some good long johns. Okay, gotta go.


Blogger nk said...

Nothing says passion like a broken snare drum. Except maybe a broken symbol. It's really hard to break a symbol. You can only break it with heartache.

1:35 PM

Blogger ica said...

How are you going to use your days off?

4:36 PM

Blogger emertron said...

NK: yes, a broken cymbal is trump of broken instruments, I bet. Or maybe a gong, but that's just a big cymbal.

Jess: Monday'll be a recoup day from the show & surely a hangover. Another day I'ma head down to the Art Institute & maybe some ice skating at Millenium Park. And breakfast. I will definitely be going out to breakfast that morning.

5:22 PM

Blogger nk said...

I was actually talking about symbols ('$', '%', etc.), not musical instruments.

6:14 PM

Blogger emertron said...

Phew! I thought maybe you'd just misspelled it but didn't want to be too rude. Yes, those would be quite hard to break indeed. Could possibly take a world-wide coup. At the very least some time. Could you imagine trying to change the % symbol?

6:22 PM

Blogger nk said...

I'd change it to 'PERCENT'. That's a way better symbol.

11:21 PM


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