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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Blood Makes Noise

Yay! Happy half birthday to me! Wait, what? Half birthday? May be what you are thinking right now. Yes, half birthday. Ever since childhood half birthdays have been celebrated. Coincidentally, mine lies right after Christmas. The reason that this is so great is that what I didn't get for Christmas my mom usually gets me for my half birthday.

Spoiled brat.

Yes, yes. No doubt about it. However, at this point it's more of a reason for mom to take me out to breakfast after Saturday morning ballet & spend time together.

So sweet it'll give you a cavity.

So a month has gone by without normal routines & I must admit that I missed them, despite a severe spontaneous streak in yours truely. Namely the Friday night dinner & chill time with dear Miss Alison. After the zoom zoom zoom of the holidays, being here & there & all over the place, as well as being as sick as I remember being in quite some time, laying on the couch, swearing that my left eardrum was perferating once again. What a mess that would have made! But with a good 70% hearing back (reading lips is a pain in the ass) & a set dance schedule, I once again feel like life is normal. Or at least kind of. And all of this off-time, laying on the couch, in my head willing things to go to people (holy crap, I have a whole bunch of shit), I got to thinking...reallocation.

Not so much a believer in resolutions, as behavioral difference tend to come after awareness & subconcious changes, I evaluated. Ah, quarter year evaluation. And since a nirvana of any sort is yet to prevail I came up with some of the following improving factors...

First, keep in better touch with friends. This has not become an issue but for the last 9 months or so. Lately I've found myself returning telephone calls later than usual with the explanation that once I got on the phone it'd be more time to devote than I had between then & an appointment.

Second, input cds into my hard drive. Sounds simple enough but turns out quite time consuming. However, the benfit of this is two-fold. Not only will I have more to listen to on my way to work (selfish motivation) but can also easily put together packages to people (nk in mind here) & make mixes much easier than before.

Third, find more interesting activities in the city. Having lived here for the majority of my life I've found myself rutting in the same things that make me happy. So I guess it could also be said to broaden my horizons again in the endless possibilities of a city that offers so much. Although I do so love Symphony Center & the Art Institute, there are many other places to visit.

And in conclusion, I'm going to the zoo.


Blogger nk said...


These are exciting resolutions. Please tell me about ballet and the zoo.

3:25 AM

Blogger Electronsean said...

I think you should link things like Symphony Centre because that's what links are for.

1:37 AM

Blogger emertron said...

Done & done.

12:48 PM

Blogger ica said...

i'm up for fun stuff.

4:10 PM

Blogger emertron said...


(that's 'fantastic' in spanish, i think)

4:49 PM


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