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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Oh dear, get me out of here

I just sat through a Baby Shower lunch at work where the ladies discussed the first time they found their sons' nudey magazines.

They then questioned whether that was normal for a 14 year old boy. One went far enough to say that when her baby gets to that age he 'just won't do that'. It was every fiber of my being not to blurt out, 'That's funny. A friend of mine's dad found her dildos that she'd hidden in the garage while he was staying with her.'

Wonder what would've happened.

Creatures of the Night

Hey guess what? I just got home from work/dance/work.


But I had an awesome Friday night so that makes up for it.


One Miss Jaimers had an open studio on Friday. It was so greater than great. There were drawings & pictures & an huge paper mache (American grade school art spelling) blue, one-boobed cross of ET & a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Okay, so it wasn't that & was REALLY well-done but that's the only way to show it to you through words. Oh! And there were so many words! The Physicists were there & the artists & Etro showed up (& made me drink too much beer but that comes later) & Terry & Elisa & Ali & Adam. It was kind of like a high school reunion, but with only the people you really want to see.

And trapezing & silk climbing. We all watched as Jaimers effortlessly climbed up the silks & twirled around & made it look so easy. Then we tried & realized that she could kick anyone's ass in the room, also effortlessly. Except maybe Elisa, she might be tiny but boy, oh boy, those modern dancer girls are full of piss & vinegar.

After a while we felt entirely too cultured & decided it was time to dirtbag ourselves. But how? What do dirtbags do? Being the biggest dirtbag of the bunch, I was put to the task of figuring it out.

To the hotdog & sketchy pizza cart!

We found a bar but some of the foreigners couldn't get in. Foiled! (and not like in Algebra, ha ha, get it?) The night was looking bleak at an early 11:00. Then, suddenly, a stroke of genius hit us...let's go to Small Bar. Small Bar! Not very dirtbaggy but we were plum out of ideas at that point. And Small Bar is 2 for 2 in my book. So off we went. Yay! Yummy 9% beers! Words came into play again & we talked & talked & talked & Ali totally monopolized the jukebox. Thanks Ali! And there were so many lovely hugs & much laughing.

And then they closed.

Woah! What happened? We were having so much fun. Where did the time go? What do we do now? Mexican food, that's what you do during times of distress. And after that, head to the Blue Light. Oh dear, I can't count the number of bad home perms & Nascar (sorry if I offend, J-Mo) jackets inhabiting the place during our stay. Before leaving, some guy with a dog looked at me & one of the guys I was with that night & said 'you two are going to have sex tonight'. Wow, is he psychic? Sure hope so! It was great. GREAT I tell you.

And then they closed too.

Since it was 4, we had to go home. And we all know that home's no fun unless you're gonna get laid. Right? Roughly 10 minutes of Harvey (the movie) was watched before sleepy time (see: pass out). Do the math.

So, usually someone says something a little silly or 'off' during the night. This is deamed the Line of the Night. Friday night's came on Saturday morning while having breakfast with the Physicists (they didn't visit Blue Light but joined in for soaking-up-of-residual-alcohol-eatings later). I mentioned that we mosied over to The Blue Light & explained how hilarious the situation with the dude with the dog was. Quantum Dave looked over straight-faced & said 'wow, I really should go to this Blue Light place'. The rest of the breakfast party looked at him, brows furrowed a little with a confused look on our faces. 'Um, Dave', I said, 'You were at the Blue Light on New Year's'. 'Uh, whoops, I'll take your word', Dave responded. I don't think any explaining is necessary on the rest of our reactions. So hats off to Quantum Dave for his stellar utterance. And doubley double hats off to Jaim & the artists for putting on an amazing show.

Jammies are on & it's time for bed. Sweet dreams!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

What's wrong with this picture?

"I mean, I read the newspaper. I mean, I can tell you what the headlines are. I must confess, if I think the story is, like, not a fair appraisal, I'll move on. But I know what the story's about." —Philadelphia, Dec. 12, 2005

"Those who enter the country illegally violate the law."
—Tucson, Ariz., Nov. 28, 2005

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Life isn't all Flowers & Sausages, You Know

No, no it's not. It is, though, sometimes falling asleep at your desk after a sushi/Naked juice lunch. Whoopsies!!!

Quite obviously, today's a waiting day. Waity waity wait. You know what that means? BOOOOOOOOOO-RINNNNNNNNNG. So I've been filling my time up with important catch ups (after a whole bunch of shit got done, leaving me with zippo) such as asking the preggers lady if she's ready to pop, throwing things into Nick's hair until he notices & brushing up on television sitcom theme song lyrics.

Streaks on the china, never mattered before, who cares.

So I got to thinking about the past & the future while in the present. Pretty sure that's about when I nodded off for a second. Anyhow, I was thinking back in the way back like 2 nights ago back. Wow, it's Wednesday, what ever happened to Monday & Tuesday? Ha! Monday night was fun. Know why? Because it was totally different than most Monday nights. Most Monday nights are jam-packed with plies & attitue turns & stuff. Not this one. This one was packed with, well, not that stuff! Now, don't get me wrong, I love Monday nights. They're right up there with Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights. But it's fun to shake it up a bit.

Con & I decided to take in a flim. Yes, a flim. We watched Proof, which was totally taped around here & I was like 'OMG! I live there! Gwyneth Paltrow & Jake Gyllennndkw;rieworall were totally in my back yard!' Goddamnit, Jake Gyllensjoepwqruiall was in my backyard & I didn't hit on him? Shame on me. After the flim we were hungry. We had a taste for curly fries, naturally.


And guess who I run into like right away? Falcon Chris. Remember Falcon Chris? He walked all beeboppy & did that Brazilian fight dance thing. I totally hadn't seen that dude since he was all 'hey, I'm going to India because blah, blah, blah something about irrigation systems or whatever (that's when I stopped listening)' & then he'd speak in Hindi & I'd be like 'woah, dude. I know TWO things in Hindi & one of them doesn't even make sense for me to say it because I don't have a weiner'. So Falcon Chris is back around these parts. Ha! He's funny. But in that doesn't-really-mean-to-be-funny way, which isn't really the best way to be funny but whatever. So we got our curly fries & mushroom sammiches & stuff & sat down & caught up. Con & I ran into more friends, too, which was cool. It was like a last-year reunion but nobody knew that it was going to happen. But we probably should have guessed because it was Wing Night at the Pub & lots of people go there just for that. Then the odds beat us again & our awesome night took a turn for the worst...

Although we were only there for about 2 hours we did hear Jungle Love...twice.

It's driving me mad. It's making me crazy.

This should NEVER EVER EVER happen. EVER. If the curly fries hadn't been so good I would have made more of a stink. I kept my mouth shut this time.

Moral of the story: monopolize the jukebox.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Can I get a hell yeah?

Soon enough Rainbow Cone will reopen (score) & Friday night trips to the Plush Horse will, once again, be on the agenda. Oh man! I can hardly wait!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Weekend Smeekend Where did it Go?

Okay, this whole 2 days off per week thing is for the birds. How in the hell does anyone expect us to get all of the shit done that we need to do in order to get by in two days? And get drunk? And get over a hangover? I mean comeonnow. I'm passing a motion that there be at least ONE day per week that I can stay in jammies or jammy-like apparel, watch some tv, do some reading (that's not work-related) & just 'chill'. You know, make waffles at like 12:30 p.m. while listening to some Songs in the Key of Life & sip on orange juice.

Ha! You don't know how to make waffles.

Well, I have a waffle iron so I figure I really should learn.

You can barely make instant oatmeal.

Shut up.

If you couldn't tell, it was a busy weekend. Biz. Zeeee. I had this baby shower yesterday, right? It was great in that horrible kinda way, you know? So on Saturday I dragged my ass over to NM to grab a gift & give myself a little bit of happy. Seriously, I was really dragging, Friday night was a LOOOOONG night. Fun? yes. Long? double yes. Let's just say that some random dude named Dan that we met at Jimmy's had my phone on Saturday. No layage involved. Turns out he just whoops, picked up my phone off of the table when he was leaving.

Moving right along.

Um, yeah, I really need to start paying attention to the NM bulletins & not go on the days when gorgeous, 5 foot 11 inch, 98 pound women are walking around trying to get you to buy their shirt. But I did find this really cute little silver utensil set with bunnies on the top of them for Amy. And to comfort myself, I got cookies. Nummy num. Cooooooooookies. So anyway, since I was out in the 'burbs I thought, hey, it'd sure be nice if you stopped by & saw your mom, she loves you & all. So that's what I did. And I was even super-nice & brought her flowers because she had gotten some good news. Well, not good news exactly but better than it could've been news. But I'll get into that at a different time.

Hi Mom! Bye Mom! Fall asleep in front of television at 10:45.

And THEN guess what?!?! I had to go back out to the suburbs to this fancy golf course country club thing for the baby shower. Now, you've gotta be a pre...ty good friend for me to miss dance classes on Sunday morning. And Amy is. Remember when I went to Vegas last year? Yeah, she's who I went with. Man, we drank WAY too much tequila that weekend. Okay, so Amy's one of those tiny, little people who can eat whatever they want & not get fat or anything. Dumb bitch. Guess what? She's huge! Yeah, she totally called me like 5 months ago & was all 'holy crap, I have boobs...and they HURT!' & I was all 'yeah, duh'. So we got to joke around yesterday about how she's sad that she'll never look good in a bikini or anything now. But I told her that she would still look great because you have to lie to your friends. And we looked at all of the baby stuff & I told her that she should get a nanny & gave her the names of some of the best boarding schools on the East Coast 'just in case'. But all of this baby stuff was so cute. And it's all little, like REALLY little. It was really fun thinking that there are all of these little people running & crawling around & that I totally want one. Yeah. Baby, that'd be some easy peasy shit, right? All you have to do is feed them & change their diapers when they make doodoo. Ha! This lady brought her twin babies with her to the country club place that wasn't as nice as it really should be. And oooooo, they were so cute & they had their tiny, little things & their bottles. It was just so adorable & I was sold. Yeah, baby.

And then they started to cry.

Oh dear lord were they LOUD! And so high pitched & they must have made a doodoo or needed to make a doodoo because they would not be quiet. Well, that up & changed my mind pretty quickly. Yeah, no baby anymore. I think that's going to wait until I can pawn the kid off on its daddy for like 75% of the time. So that's when I took off, vamoose, outie, adios. Driving home I was all like, woah, it's like 6:00 and Sunday! What happened? It was Friday afternoon last time I checked. So that's why I think this 2-day weekend thing is total crap.

p.s. Yes, I know that there are a LOT of people that had today off. Please don't rub it in.

Friday, February 17, 2006

The Number 2

Well, first, I have 2 things to announce...

CHIDITAROD: Chicago bloggers, I expect to see you there. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Second, answer to the Valentine's Trivia is as follows...Business: Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder (go there, it's good). Bonus: The host doesn't take your name but remembers your face & # in your party...and he never effs it up. What was lost: dindin with me including salad, mediterranean bread & pizza. Okay, so the prize was a thinly-masked excuse to go because I've been craving this shit & don't want to go alone.

Other 2s:
2: Number of things required to do at work today (one of which is watering the plants)
2: Number of beers I will be drinking at Julie lab starting at 5:15 sharp!
2: Size I will probably not be for the bridesmaid dress (pictured right)
2: ETB (estimated time of bed)
2: How many minutes it took to do my hair
2: Amount of people it takes to make a baby
2: Number of times snooze got hit this morning
2: Minutes late to work
2: Wishes I have left from that stupid genie (one used for an all Hypercolor outfit...he told me it'd look really cool)
2: Number of Debbie Gibson tapes I have had in my collection over the years
2: The loneliest number + 1
2: People I need to put together cds for this weekend (you know who you are)
2: Parties tonight
2: Hours it takes to clean an apartment
2: Things that'll get lots of my kisses tonight (spoiler: it's Connor & Merlin)

And remember...god invented Fridays for binge drinking. Happy Friday!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The world's too big and life's too short to be alone

After not having a chance to talk since like a month ago when she stayed over & we got all * & made home movies (confid to nk: movie's on the way, not tonight but soon...promise), I finally got an email from Schmale today. Yay Schmale!!! She's decided that she wants to grow up or something & get married. I think when she told me our conversation went a little bit like this...wait, married? you mean, like, be with one person for the rest of your life? (me)...yep (her)...are you SURE you want to do this? (me)...absolutely (her)...really? what's that like? (me)...i dunno, it just is (her), that's so zen. are you gonna play the electric slide & shit at the reception? (me)...absolutely not. i'm warning the dj. no macarena, no electric slide. none of that (her)...awesome (me).

So she's been planning this wedding. There's a lot of planning that goes into these things. It's going to be a fancy wedding. The planning I was most concerned with, because, you know, I'm a very concerned person, is what the bridesmaid dresses would look like. I told her that the contingencies of standing up were that the dresses can't be heinous & I get to walk down the aisle with the hottest groomsman.


She wrote today with the news that she'd picked out the bridesmaid dresses. They're really not too bad. No lace. No pink. It's doable.

But then on to the REAL issue. A date.

Yes, this event may be like 10 months away but these matters require a certain amount of planning. Remember how I had 2 weddings to attend this summer? And for zero of these weddings I had a date? Well, let me tell you, this will NOT happen again. The weddings this summer were still a ball of fun but really, I can't hardly attend a wedding where I'm standing up with NO date. What kind of a loser would I look like. (please keep your comments to yourself on this issue) For this reason alone (well, & that Valentine's (barf) day may or may not have included a wee bit of Jack Daniel's), I opted for staying in tonight & contemplating the issue. Bored with staring at the wall, I ran a bath & stared at the ceiling in the ginormous bathtub (really, I'm a little person & have years of swimming training under my belt but should not enter this thing under the influence of drugs or alcohol for drowning may occur). Think think think. Who who who. Is there anyone suitable for this sort of event? Maybe this is the chance to cash in a Spanish favor & get the prince to attend. Well, that'd be if I had an in with royalty. hhhhmmmm...

So that went nowhere quick & instead I read a cooking magazine. Still completely void of answers, but with a taste for some homemade chocolate mousse, I pulled my pruney, lavender-scented body out of the water & decided that it'd be a good time to post a goal. That goal being that I must find a date for this fancy lovefest.

Your job, dear reader...hold me to it. Don't let me go get drunk at a wedding alone again. Especially since this time I won't be able to comfort myself in the fact that I'd be wearing a Nicole Miller.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Will you tell me who I am?

No, I didn't just hit my head really hard. There's this deal, though, that I got from plastic passion. It's like madlibs but probably not as fun. Anyhow, since I don't know who I am, I'm going to let you tell me.

p.s. We wee ones will be hittin' up Jimmy's (or maybe the Pub) tonight after ballet class. Prolly ~ 7ish. Stop on in if you're in the area & have a drink!

Those stupid little hearts are actually colored gymnastics chalk

A touch of local Valentine's Day trivia (prize will be awarded upon first correct answer)...
Years ago, in Chicago, the St. Valentine's Day massacre took place. You know, Capone & his cronies. Across the street from where the actual massacre took place is a building (no!). The basement is now home to a delightful business. What is the name of that business?

Bonus question: how old was I the first time I went there? No, just kidding. What is peculiar about the host?

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Trapezing=>Jung=>hip hop=>??????

It's decided. Next thing on the list (other than getting over my fear of the dark) is lacrosse. I'm NOT letting another summer go by without playing at least a wee bit. Nosireebob. Upon this decision, that I made like 2.4 minutes ago, I looked into the options...

There's a competitive women's league in Chicago. This I want nothing to do with for 2 reasons. First, really don't have the time to get THAT into it. Second, there's a girl on the team that I can't stand. Can you believe it? Of all of the sports in all the world in all the cities SHE has to be playing what I want to play. And I know that if I went out for the team that she would totally be mean to me & push me down & stuff because she's way bigger than me. That bitch.

There's no I in team, but there sure as hell is a me.

So another option would be recruiting for a little every-weekend or Tuesday night sort of thing. Hhmmmm...I've recruited before. I did sorority rush & that was recruiting. Only this kind of recruiting would have nothing to do with judging the candidates behind closed doors. Or would it? That'd be hilarious! 'No you can't play with us because, well, even though it's a noncompetitive, fun environment, well, we just all think that you're ugly.' But if it's noncompetitive, recruiting is kind of pointless because we'd just play each other & that might get boring & lacrosse sticks are just layin' around like those football things & they're not so cheap as to just play like once & be done with it, either.

So I guess it's a deadend & my dream of becoming a professional lax (that's short for lacrosse! see, i already know the lingo!) player is shattered.

Hhmmmppphhhh...maybe I'll just ride my bike more.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

More adventures, More jokes, More embarrassment

So guess what? That deal on Friday night where we learned about Jung sucked pretty much. I mean, I got to learn about him some but there was this dude sitting next to me making the dumbest comments ever. And he was wearing black denim. Eeewwww! Ha ha. Just kidding, I totally wear black denim. But it was all cool because by Friday I was pooped, so it was a good excuse to stay in. You know, 'hey dude, I'd totally go out but you know, my brain hurts from thinking' is what I would've said if anyone would have called to see if I wanted to hang out, which they didn't.


But I totally got some bad news on Friday, too, which bummed me out & stuff so that made me not want to go out, either. I was at the doctor & she looked at me & was like, 'woah, you know, this is the most you've ever weighed, you're fucking fat. are you preggers or something?'. And I got all freaked out because shit, my clothes feel the same but you know, I've been having all these weird dreams (last night I had one that I was wearing the pleated leather jacket I had in Junior High...HOTT!) & maybe aliens have come to visit me or something & impregnated me in my dream because you know, aliens do that & you don't show until they just jump right out of your belly.

Fucking aliens. Knock you up & don't even get you off.

Whatever, it's probably because I've been lax about my usual 'pulled pork sandwich & cake' allowence. So I got to thinking, though, and you know when I think I climb trees. Yeah, did I forget to tell you that? It's true. While all of you were probably eating chili & getting drunk during that Super something or other, I climbed a tree. You see, trees are spiritual. Buddha sat under a tree & had his enlightenment.

Did I mention that I may or may not have had a little Sparks buzz at the time?

Ha ha. Sparks. If you haven't tried this stuff, you might not want to. I now have a love/hate relationship with it. Kind of like with Giradelli chocolate. Speaking of which, one of our professors lives half of the time in San Francisco with his family. He has some biotech something or other out there & teaches here or something. Anyhow, I was totally working late on his grant proposal last week and he totally walked in on me picking my nose.

I still can't look him in the eyes & it's been a week. Embarrassing moments of 2006 are getting well underway. This is just great.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Big (Top) Day!

Last night began 6 weeks of trapezing lessons. And you know what?


You know what else? It's effing hard. Man, am I ever sore today?!?! But that could also be the combination ballet and then trapeze. Yeah, totally made some monkey sounds & scratched my pits & stuff. Ha! Itchy pits! But all of that acid in my muscles is worth it because before you know it, I'll be solid, like a rock. Rock 'n Roll. Rock steady. ROCK ON!!!

Okay, no, but for reals, I learned how to hang by my arms, so I hung & then (since I'm some sort of 'natural'), I got to do kind of a kip up but only with one foot & slide my leg through & then the other one (by the end I was almost two feet at a time!) & then I hung upside down & made the monkey sounds. Ooo ooo ooo aaah aaah! So when you want to sit on the bar I learned that you're not supposed to pull yourself up with arm strength because then you end up looking like Popeye & that's really not so much a good look if I want to attract dudes, you know? So you use your legs & abs to pull yourself up. My abs hurt like they would if I laughed all night & woke up the next morning with ab-hurt. I feel alive!

And now I'm totally hooked. Hooked on Hanging. I want to hang all the time now & will definitely hang more this weekend. That makes me think that maybe I have a future in the circus. The circus has some pretty cool people at it, you know? There's a lady with a beard (although there was one of those in my grade school cafeteria, too) & lions (roar) & bears that ride unicycles. But I really don't like clowns because, well, let's face it, they're creepy, so that could be an issue, & my dad let us watch Killer Klowns from Outer Space when we were like 9 & that seriously scarred me for life. All those dead people wrapped in cotton candy cocoons. So maybe the cirus is out but hanging is in. Jazz is also in.


Phillip & I are hitting up Sunday morning class (it's kind of like church but fun). And then we'll go stuff our faces at Ann Sather's or something. Nummy Num! But maybe somewhere new because of this 'broadening horizons' thing. Jazz, trapezing, what next?

Carl Jung. Yeah, my usual Friday night date & I are hitting up E-town (that's Evanston for you not 'hip to the language') for some suuuurious Jungian discussion action & then meeting up with Dave & Megan. Remember them? I went to their wedding & they had a chocolate fountain & then Pat asked me to marry him but I said 'no way jose, I want a chocolate fountain...and a big ol' ring, mister!'. Maybe if he shows up at my home with a Cartier box & a chocolate fountain I'll consider it. Woah! Totally got off track there. So it'll be awesome, too. But not as awesome as a chocolate fountain. Nothing, is as awesome as that. Well, maybe trapezing.

Why is the air conditioning on in the office today? It's effing February.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

20 Questions

Go here.

Ask him questions.

He is the mystical, magical, Lozone.

*for reals, so make 'em tough!*

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wait What Okay Phew!

You know what's great?

Julie Lab.

For reals. It's this lab meeting that you go to at the Pub. I went tonight.

You know what else is great?


OMFG. I'm the cat lady in training.

You know what's the best?

Having everything in on time even thought there aren't enough hours in the day.

You know what's the worst?

Probably herpes or something.

But you know what? Don't have to worry about that Valtrex (sp?) shit.

Woo! Free livin' sex without morality issues!!!

p.s. This post brought to you by a one Ms. Jaycee (or inspired by anyways!)

As I'm walking toward tomorrow with a rifle in my hand

I woke up with the title as my theme for the day.

Somebody's a little bitter, eh? Did you talk with your stepmom yesterday or something? Was somebody mean to your silly kitty? Aww, poor you. Wah.

No, 5 of 5 finally went in this morning.

Uh yeah, ambiguous much?

Oh! The last of the proposals for today's deadline went out this morning. Sorry for not clarifying.

Yeah, whatever. So you & your natural boringness have been even MORE boring by working all the time.

Hey, I am NOT ALWAYS boring.

Yes you are.

No I'm not.

Yes you are.

No I'm not.

Okay, then prove it, not-always-super-boring-hang-out-with-your-cat-woo!-that's-REAL-fun girl.

I had another party this weekend.

Ha ha ha ha ha! What, with your stuffed animals? Oh God, did you have to PAY people to hang out?

No, and I didn't even have to tie them to their chairs this time, either.

Another Saturday Night (yes, I know, that one was just bad)

With the arrival of 1 Miss Jaimers, 1 Miss Tron thought it'd be nice to have a little dinner in her honor. Oooo!!! A party where you eat?!?! Yes, after The Housewarming Incident that real-life simulated exactly how I would react if I were to wake up & my home looked like the after-party scene in 16 Candles (eek! hand me a drink, i would rather stay drunk while cleaning this mess), I've decided to tone it down a little bit. Plus, I'd much rather boys that I went out with once & didn't really like to not show up at my apartment with an harem of undergrad girls (which he teaches, ahem!), people to feed Tree (that's my tree) beer & well, I had to lock Merlin, ttlfc, in the bedroom & just don't like to do that because he is a very social cat & likes people more than most people like people (& he's a cat!).

So a bunch of my favorite people came over & we put on conical hats & danced with our fingers pointed up towards the sky. ha ha, just kidding. I did, however, pull out the ol' Smokey Joe & start up a fire.

Formally known as Grillmaster, but you can call me Tron. Stuffed burgers & smack & cheese & goat cheese dip (Terry got all fancy on us) & oatmeal cookies & crustata & wine. Mmmmm...glorious wine. And we talked in Danish & about dancing with pointed feet & trapezing (which i'm learning tomorrow!) & how the Talking Heads are awesome & laughed & laughed & laughed. And then my belly hurt I laughed so much!!! And then we had a little dance party (and Mike Jones may or may not have made an audio appearence) & we all said we'd meet up again soon. See, we're all pretty busy people.

Ha ha ha ha! No you're not. They might be but come on, who are you kidding?

Okay, so Terry's busy with his last year of med school & John's busy dropping balls into sand, studying how although solid material, that particular sedimentary rock reacts as if a liquid & the artists are busy arting & the linguists are busy um, talking about language things or whatever. The bottom line is that it's tough to meet up all the time but we all said that we would soon for blues or whatever. Because some of us all went to high school together but then we get separated into different states & countries & stuff so we should make a point to stay in touch (which would also help keep my new year's 'non'resolution!).

Anyhow, work's almost over. Time to go for drinks with the other grant weirdos & scientists!