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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

As I'm walking toward tomorrow with a rifle in my hand

I woke up with the title as my theme for the day.

Somebody's a little bitter, eh? Did you talk with your stepmom yesterday or something? Was somebody mean to your silly kitty? Aww, poor you. Wah.

No, 5 of 5 finally went in this morning.

Uh yeah, ambiguous much?

Oh! The last of the proposals for today's deadline went out this morning. Sorry for not clarifying.

Yeah, whatever. So you & your natural boringness have been even MORE boring by working all the time.

Hey, I am NOT ALWAYS boring.

Yes you are.

No I'm not.

Yes you are.

No I'm not.

Okay, then prove it, not-always-super-boring-hang-out-with-your-cat-woo!-that's-REAL-fun girl.

I had another party this weekend.

Ha ha ha ha ha! What, with your stuffed animals? Oh God, did you have to PAY people to hang out?

No, and I didn't even have to tie them to their chairs this time, either.

Another Saturday Night (yes, I know, that one was just bad)

With the arrival of 1 Miss Jaimers, 1 Miss Tron thought it'd be nice to have a little dinner in her honor. Oooo!!! A party where you eat?!?! Yes, after The Housewarming Incident that real-life simulated exactly how I would react if I were to wake up & my home looked like the after-party scene in 16 Candles (eek! hand me a drink, i would rather stay drunk while cleaning this mess), I've decided to tone it down a little bit. Plus, I'd much rather boys that I went out with once & didn't really like to not show up at my apartment with an harem of undergrad girls (which he teaches, ahem!), people to feed Tree (that's my tree) beer & well, I had to lock Merlin, ttlfc, in the bedroom & just don't like to do that because he is a very social cat & likes people more than most people like people (& he's a cat!).

So a bunch of my favorite people came over & we put on conical hats & danced with our fingers pointed up towards the sky. ha ha, just kidding. I did, however, pull out the ol' Smokey Joe & start up a fire.

Formally known as Grillmaster, but you can call me Tron. Stuffed burgers & smack & cheese & goat cheese dip (Terry got all fancy on us) & oatmeal cookies & crustata & wine. Mmmmm...glorious wine. And we talked in Danish & about dancing with pointed feet & trapezing (which i'm learning tomorrow!) & how the Talking Heads are awesome & laughed & laughed & laughed. And then my belly hurt I laughed so much!!! And then we had a little dance party (and Mike Jones may or may not have made an audio appearence) & we all said we'd meet up again soon. See, we're all pretty busy people.

Ha ha ha ha! No you're not. They might be but come on, who are you kidding?

Okay, so Terry's busy with his last year of med school & John's busy dropping balls into sand, studying how although solid material, that particular sedimentary rock reacts as if a liquid & the artists are busy arting & the linguists are busy um, talking about language things or whatever. The bottom line is that it's tough to meet up all the time but we all said that we would soon for blues or whatever. Because some of us all went to high school together but then we get separated into different states & countries & stuff so we should make a point to stay in touch (which would also help keep my new year's 'non'resolution!).

Anyhow, work's almost over. Time to go for drinks with the other grant weirdos & scientists!


Blogger Electronsean said...


2:42 PM

Blogger emertron said...

Oh, you know what I wanna see!

11:43 AM

Blogger ica said...

apparently i was NOT INVITED to this grand ball.

maybe if i knew more languages...

5:16 PM

Blogger emertron said...

Yep. It was a 3 language minimum. No, for reals, just a small group of people & when I asked Ethan about it, he said that you were already busy with something at UIC. So THERE!

5:27 PM


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