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Friday, February 17, 2006

The Number 2

Well, first, I have 2 things to announce...

CHIDITAROD: Chicago bloggers, I expect to see you there. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Second, answer to the Valentine's Trivia is as follows...Business: Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder (go there, it's good). Bonus: The host doesn't take your name but remembers your face & # in your party...and he never effs it up. What was lost: dindin with me including salad, mediterranean bread & pizza. Okay, so the prize was a thinly-masked excuse to go because I've been craving this shit & don't want to go alone.

Other 2s:
2: Number of things required to do at work today (one of which is watering the plants)
2: Number of beers I will be drinking at Julie lab starting at 5:15 sharp!
2: Size I will probably not be for the bridesmaid dress (pictured right)
2: ETB (estimated time of bed)
2: How many minutes it took to do my hair
2: Amount of people it takes to make a baby
2: Number of times snooze got hit this morning
2: Minutes late to work
2: Wishes I have left from that stupid genie (one used for an all Hypercolor outfit...he told me it'd look really cool)
2: Number of Debbie Gibson tapes I have had in my collection over the years
2: The loneliest number + 1
2: People I need to put together cds for this weekend (you know who you are)
2: Parties tonight
2: Hours it takes to clean an apartment
2: Things that'll get lots of my kisses tonight (spoiler: it's Connor & Merlin)

And remember...god invented Fridays for binge drinking. Happy Friday!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"2: The loneliest number + 1"

That's digging deep but I'll let it slide this time.

8:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fridays are for binge drinking. Nice!

2:11 PM

Blogger erin said...

let's binge drink this friday.

5:45 PM

Blogger emertron said...

Cool. I have that open studio in on Kinzie but don't know what's going on after that. Are you going to see the trapezing artist? You should.

5:47 PM

Blogger Jaysie said...

i think i was there when the slogan "fridays are for binge drinking" was invented in hutch commons.
ps- superduper excited about the chiditarod. i have a really fun team with fun costumes. yay!

9:55 AM

Blogger emertron said...

OMG!!! Totally forgot that was during one of our Sushi Fridays!

p.s. Chiditarod will be OFF THE HOOK fun!!!

10:28 AM


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