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Friday, March 24, 2006

Happy Birfday Little Brother!

Hey! Guess what today is? It's my brother's birthday! Yep. 25 years ago my mom birthed a healthy baby boy who looked like an old man. Seriously, his baby pictures...not so cute. But then once he was about one and a half, he got really cute. He was all smiles & giggles. He had white hair, big hazel eyes & a smile that could melt butter. Usually, when he was smiling, he was up to something. And that something was trouble. He kept my mom on her toes. And then later, in his teenage years, drove her halfway to insanity.

Like most kids, we had some curiosity regarding flatulance. What was that funny-smelling stuff that makes noise? Our parents, the honest, loving people that they are, were not advocates of silly stories like the stork bringing babies or Santa Claus only bringing presents if you're good. They explained & showed pictures of making babies, mom explaining just how excruciating labor is & told us the truth about Claus, that he died the year before I was born so there were no presents and that anything our friends told us was a lie & 'those kids are full of shit'. So when we asked what farts were all about they hit us with it straight up. We'd stepped on a toad. Ha! There were a whole lotta toads in our house! Dad apparently needed to look a little bit closer to where he was stepping, him being the biggest culprit of stinkin' up the place.

Anyhow, when I look back on this special day, the day of the birth of my brother, I can't help but remember that little so-blonde-its-white haired kid, running around in diapers, looking at the bottoms of his feet, checking for toads.

Happy birthday, kiddo. I love you.


Blogger J-Mo said...

Happy B-Day Bro

3:38 PM

Blogger nk said...


6:28 PM

Blogger Will said...

Happy Birthday bro.

7:18 PM

Blogger Spo said...

toads! genius!

4:15 AM

Blogger Marisa said...

OMG! My little brother's birthday is 3/24 too! He's 27. Creepy.

4:56 PM


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