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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I thought of you today, I wished it was yesterday morning

Tuesday Morning: a short narrative.

As usual, running late. You see, it's just so difficult to get out of bed with two adorable little furballs cuddling up, purring & then playing with them, throwing their little mice & giggling as they hop to & fro, tossing the mice around, to finally pick them up in their mouths & scamper away. Ha! Scamper.

So I'm running through my apartment while dressing (after a RECORD 3 MINUTE SHOWER mind you!!!)...grabbing ballet gear, pulling down my bangs & throwing my hair into a bun. Brush teeth (dear Sonicare...I (heart) you). Feed kitties. Grab lunch. Grab backpack. "Love you!". And the race begins. I check my time & I have 6 minutes before I'm late. Walk fast. Walk fast. 'Hmmm...I thought it was supposed to be cold & crappy out today. Yay! Warm & humid. Better than cold & crappy'.

Doot dee doo.

Usually about this time I start wondering where all of the other sidewalkwalkers are going & smile at the passerbyers. 'Hey. That dude just totally looked at me so messed up & I was smiling at him. I don't have anything in my teeth, I just brushed them.' I thought to myself as some guy gave me this half look of disgust, half smirk. Curious.

Almost to work I start the half-block-away preparation. Tossle bangs. Pull out key card. Straighten skirt. 'Woah. The back of the skirt I'm wearing today moved to the front of my body. Ha...' and that's when I stopped dead in my tracks & realized just why that dude on the street looked at me all effeduplike. I forgot to zip my skirt this morning. Oh, I snapped & clasped it. But ceased to zip it up, showing everyone that wanted to see that yes, yes, I was wearing striped underpants.


Stay tuned for a photoblog of the kittenwarming party.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, on the bright side, striped underpants are pretty awesome. So good for you!
Also on the bright side you didn't accidentally stuff a kitten into your backpack.

10:07 PM

Blogger Homeperm said...

i have had that morning. also one time i walked out of the house with my pyjama top on. i was in such a rush i'd skipped the shower. but also skipped the actually getting dressed thing. it was a weird period of my life.

5:07 AM


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