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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

That's right, sucka!

Hi my name is Emertron & I'm an America's Next Top Model addict...

The problem is that I didn't get my fix tonight & instead had to settle for a recap of the finale. (deep breath, sigh). Granted, I could have made it but that would have meant ruining my favorite skirt (you know, the flowery one). ANTM is huge, but replacing a silk skirt that hugs in just the right places...well, we'll just say that I can handle a recap.

Totally worth it.

This evening included a tutorial of how to get through the NIH electronic submission (more like 'just let me know when you need it done & i'll be here...thus meaning that June 1 will probably be a longer night than anticipated...Jaycie, totes cool, I'm here for you) followed by some julie lab, followed by a freak thunderstorm, followed by 'omigod this skirt is not equip for this weather', followed by finding suitable clothing (and beer drinking), followed by purchasing tobacco products in (in my opinion) a not-quite-suitable-for-the-public attire (see: hotpants).

Spoiler in a second.....

Because Danielle won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay Danielle!!!!!!!! Thank goodness Jade supersillybitch got kicked.

The downside to this is that Joanie, awesome awesome Joanie, didn't get the contract dealio, too. Both were awesome. Why can't there be two winners?!?!?!?

After an hour or so of mourning why two winners is apparently impossible in the land of ANTM, I've become less hysterical. Don't get me wrong, I'm so super excited for Danielle, as there is no possible way of them labotimizing her like they did to Naima & Nicole, thus 'my life as a cover girl actually being interesting. But comeonnow...can't Danielle & Joanie share the covergirlness?!?!

Why can't we all be friends?

In other news: Sunday's performance went quite well. Yay!


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