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Monday, May 22, 2006

What Would We Do, Baby, Without Us?

Woah...where the hell have you been?

Goin' out, getting a part time job, dancing, you know the deal.

Yeah, you've given that 'busy' excuse before & it's been bullshit. Did you actually leave your apartment this weekend?

Yes. I did a bunch of fun stuff.

Okay. Whatever.

You don't believe me? Read on.

Nah. I'm going back to Conti's blog for a while. At least he's funny.

Alright, you know when you get a song stuck in your head & it just won't leave? Why does this happen? Does this happen to everyone? Is it a certain gene? This can turn out all kinds of awesome. Like when you can tune someone out by boppin' along in your head or a friend of yours also knows the lyrics to The Golden Girls & you can sing it together. Likewise, this situation could erupt in to pushing you to the brink of insanity by a) playing a ridiculously annoying song or b) playing a song of which you only have limited knowledge (see: you know one verse or only the chorus or like 3 notes of a song that you know you know but can't seem to put together for more than 3 notes). So for the last week & a half the theme songs to Family Ties & Who's The Boss have been stuck in my head.

There's a Path to Take and a Path Not Taken, the Choice is up to you My Friend

Turns out this problem grew into a monstrous irritation, as I walk through the office humming along to a head visual of a conversion van driving down a tree-lined street.

So how was your weekend? Fun?

This weekend was full of birthday parties over here in the Land of Tron. Friday night included one Julie Lab, the Birthday Party. Ha! It was just like old times, or every Friday at 5:15 sharp, except with balloons & lily of the valleys & singing. And then Saturday night was Jesse's birthday party.

Partytime. Excellent.

Saturday was one of those nights that you really can only handle about once every other month or so. We began the partaaaay at Duffy's, where I counted the number of gaucho pants in the front bar. After my fingers & toes were filled up it got boring so began concentrating on more important things...getting the birthday boy deeeeeerunk. Mission accomplished. So then we went to Smartbar. Woah. Smartbar. We all know what happens at Smartbar. Drunk dancing. Yes, yes, I made a scantily-clad fool of myself by getting down on the dance floor. But ooooooo, did it feel good.

Note to self: Don't do that, it is not attractive.

Wrigleyville dogs provided us with more gyro than I should eat in a month (see: one gyro) & I saw people there that were drunker than me. When I saw them (these 2 girls that were very rude in the bathroom line...yes, I was drunk enough to use the bathroom there) I totally wanted to laugh & say 'hey, i think you guys are even drunker than me', but logic kicked in & said that probably wasn't a good idea & I might end up with a black eye or something if I opened my mouth. And really, once I got my bag of meaty goodness, the only other tempting thing was bed (or the couch, whichever was closer).

Anywhoodle, that's the weekend story. We're hitting up the Sox game tomorrow for some good old fashioned hot-dog-eating, beer-drinking, opponent-team-heckeling fun. Surely at least one good southside El story will come out of that. Hit me up if you wanna come along!

Sha la la la......


Blogger nk said...

I am going to be at the Chicago airport between 12:48 and 2:15 p.m. this Sunday.

11:24 PM

Blogger Homeperm said...

two things: 1) because of you i had the who's the boss theme in my head all evening. i kept telling myself i had a brand new life around the bend. 2) i can't scroll down on your page at the mo because i'm worried you have a big spoiler about a's ntm and hello i'm about five seasons behind and am an avid fan. i will have to live in a box for the next year or two to catch up.

9:19 AM

Blogger emertron said...

NK: rockin.

HP: o crap. i totally forgot that you guys are a season behind us. yes, please stay at the top of the page. sorry about the wtb theme song in your head. better than Mr. Belvedere.

10:59 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I call 'em Groucho Pants.


1:01 AM

Blogger Conti said...

Thank you for calling me fun. I teared up.

1:29 PM

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