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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Working is the new Slacking at Work


The editing project I've been working on for the last 3 weeks is D-D-D-DOOOOOOONNNNEEEE!!!

226 pages, edited, formatted, cursed at, lost, found & finally nice, neat & pretty with all of the symbols, italics & bold in place, without a spelling or grammar error.

This calls for a minimum of 2 hot dogs this evening!


Blogger Marisa said...


Enjoy your hot dogs tonight. It goes without saying that there'll be no ketchup on those dogs right?

10:13 PM

Blogger ida gasp said...

I was just reading that bit where you said hi my name is Emertron, and I realised how weird it is that I don't know your name. The blogging this is strange like that. I love that you can become involved in someone's life, and it is someone in another country, with a really different life. Imagine if you came to Aus and we met? Sometimes I think about these random connections and marvel at modern technology....

10:42 PM

Blogger emertron said...

Marisa: I am also a ketchup addict. Please don't hate me. I heckelled the whole time.

Ida: no shit. My name is Emily. Original, eh?

3:16 AM

Blogger screetus said...

Hooray! Congratulations!

I should leave beer out of the squirrels in my neighborhood. That's a great idea!

P.S. - no stripes, just lots of crazy patterns.

7:20 AM

Blogger screetus said...

Did I say beer out of the squirrels? I, um, meant beer out FOR the squirrels! Yeah. Beer for squirrels.

7:21 AM

Blogger Spo said...


3:11 PM

Blogger J-Mo said...

who celebrtes with hot dogs?!?

3:55 PM

Blogger Homeperm said...

congratulations. but i agree with the j-mo: who celebrates with hotdogs???? so unexpected. which is, of course, why i like it.

5:31 AM

Blogger Captain Bee said...


10:18 AM

Blogger Electronsean said...

i thought you loved sausage?

3:31 PM

Blogger emertron said...

Screetus: AWESOME!!!!!!

Hot dog question: Hot dogs are a treat & I have a love/hate relationship with them. Seems as soon as I enjoy that delicious encased meat(?) it travels directly to my inner thigh.

ES: Sausage...mmmmmmmm......

10:29 PM

Blogger Conti said...

People from Chicago love hot dogs, I guess.

1:28 PM

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