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Thursday, September 28, 2006


What an awesome day!!!! You know how there are those bad days:( and those good days:)?????? Yeah, well today was an awesome day.

First of all, I got like a million things done at work today which means that I won't have to come in on the weekend. Second of all, I had a yummy lunch of spaghetti (thanks Etro!!!). Third of all, I left work at 5 today (rare occasion). Forth of all, work took me out for dinner & paid for Etro's & my margaritas & mexican food (superscore) as a going away dinner. And finally..................

Guess who received the Rad soundtrack when she got home tonight? If you guessed Tron, then you guessed right.

Yay for 9:20 p.m. dance parties with Nick to There's a Thunder in Your Heart & Send Me an Angel!!!!!

Omigod, I can hardly contain myself. This Saturday's mini-party is gonna be awesomers to the max!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. Will post more vacation pictures soon as we can figure out why my Powebook won't work anymore with the interwebs since Etro hooked up his PC (yes, we already hooked the cable line back into my computer & tried rebooting it). Hmmmm...any computer people out there please send advice. Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

And so it goes

Hhhhmmmmm....where did I leave off? Oh yes, we met Jaimers in Edinburgh & watched fireworks our first night in the UK. Well then, let's get going. For the next 3 days we learned about Edinburgh, went to the castle, visited the underground, ate some amazing meals (a good portion vegetarian which made me superduperhappy),wandered around very old cemetaries, went to awesome divey bars & figured out the public trans system of the city. But really, the best way to explain would be through pictures (Jess & Mandy, there are tons more that I'll show you on Saturday night....if you can make it).

Up next....the last 35 miles of the West Highland Trail.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

i've got a doodle in my noodle & his name is minkey boodle

Yowzas, has this week the wind. And now it's almost gone. And the UK slowly becomes a distant memory day by day and instead my mind is replacing the heather-soaked munros with just how much I can't wait to change jobs. Yeah, really, it happens julst like that. I could, right now, go into just how much I'm detesting coming in to work every morning or how my boss's face just kinda makes me cringe but there's no room for that at the Inn so instead I'm gonna go back. Way back. Back into time..........almost 3 weeks ago.

I'll start at the very beginning....a very good place to start.

Saturday, September 2nd was a pretty morning, a lovely morning, a morning to wake up to Ted Leo. Ya dig? I woke up before my alarm even went off & started jumping on the bed, singing 'we're gonna see jaimie tonight!!! and hang out in a castle!!! woooooo!!!! and just look at this!!!! i can jump on the bed & not even hit my head because i'm a midget!!!! woooooo!!!', royally pissing off Georgie & Henry. Ha ha. Silly kittens didn't even KNOW that was the day that I was gonna get on a big aeroplane & fly way across a big body of water to meet Jaimers.

So mommy dropped us off at the aeropuerto & we were all 'yeah, bye, whatever, i'll totally try to make my plane home'. So we waited impatiently at O'Hare for our flight & guess what.

'All flights to JFK are cancelled because of that stupid hurricane'. Goddamn Ernesto.

There I stood, little Tron, tears welling up in my eyes, imagining not seeing my favorite Jaimie in all of the world because our flight was cancelled & there wouldn't be another one & I'd just have to put on me ol' swimmin' trunks & head at it because I had to get there because she was set to leave for Tokyo the next morning. Low & behold, they put us on a new plane but we had to stay at O'Hare for like 4 more hours. Man, did THAT ever suck.

So we ate some hot dogs & drank some beers. It was like being at a baseball game except that fans take heckling quite a bit better than travellers. 'Excuse me, you'll have to leave now'.

So we got on the plane & it was all really exciting, right? So guess how much I slept. If you guessed 20 minutes, you were dead on. And once we got into Heathrow I learned a very valuable lesson.

Standing in the customs line I started to get a little nervous & then it was our turn. Oh man, will they let me through? What if I brought some sort of foreign skin mite with me & they won't let me in? Oh no oh no! And you know what I do when I'm nervous? Make jokes. And not very good ones, I might add. Etro & I stood there as the lady who had an eerie 'soup nazi'esque feeling to her asked for our passports & what our relationship was to each other.

'Do you want the G rated version?'


And then she got WORSE! She was all you can't just come in here without knowing an address. What if we need to find you...blah blah blah. By that time my brain was as mushy as mushy peas (which at that time I didn't even know was a relatively disgusting dish) because we'd been awake for like 25 hours at that time & I just wanted to get on the Tube by that point. Finally she said okay to a telephone number that I had for Jaimie. Too bad the Brits didn't know that phone had probably been shut off quite a while ago & Jaimers was leaving the next morning. Ha ha! But really, the lesson is that it is necessary for customs' officers to be completely humorless, if not complete dicks. Really, it's true. So don't even try to make a joke or anything because then they get all really pissy & put you in a bad mood too.

We got to Kings Cross just in time to enjoy by far the most yucky meal I've had in a long time.....donner kebaps. Nasty. Don't do it. And hussle up to Edinburgh.

Tweet tweet.

And finally, we reached our final destination after having travelled for more than a day, sleeping next to none, doing 327 sudokus, watching .068 King of the Hill television shows and stinking like effin' kebap.

But it was all worth it. We stumbled off of the train & she was right there in that fabulous purple-blue sweater that she looks so amazingly wonderful in with energy in her eyes & the most amazing hug I've had since she left Chicago, Jaimie. We screamed & hugged & confused the everliving shit out of Etro, jumping up & down.

That evening was the last night of Festival in Edinburgh so we grabbed us some fish & chips (& yucky mushy peas), a couple of pints & headed to a roof deck to shiver in the cold, smile & laugh an inhuman amount & watch the fireworks from the back of the castle.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

There's a Thunder in Your Heart.....

Hiya! Got back yesterday afternoon. So many stories. Still all freuignr;eksnguries from jetlag. Bleck!!!!

Anywhoodle, super duper big thanks to Marion & Alan for letting us stay with them in Edinburgh & the most incredible vegetarian dinner EVER, the haunted hotel room in Glencoe for giving us a really real ghost story (!!!), London for being London, Principal Skinner & Mr. Baked (pronounced like Naked) Beans for housing us in London & showing us how it's really done & an especially special thanks to Scotch for keeping my ass nicely buzzed for 2 weeks. Will post stories soon (promise to the max) but have to go dance with pointed feetsies in a quicky performance now.

.....Every Move is Like a Lightning.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

We're gettin live.....

like Alec Balwin.......

Posting from London......Project Whitechapel. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

Check this shit out.

The Ze Frank Show

Thanks to Principal Skinner.

Will update sometime. I love you. (scotch induced)

Friday, September 01, 2006

The Final Countdown

Sorry about no posts. Busy is a real shitty excuse but hell, it's the truth. And what ever happened to the not busy days? You know, like 2 years ago when I was all just sitting around, doing like nothing, hoping that my phone would ring but remembering that like all of my friends were in Colorado. Speaking of which, when I was living out west I had tons of Patagonia stuff for skiing & hiking & durable stuff that lasted & was pretty plain but not like 'casual Friday' clothing & this week I went into the Patagonia store & you wanna know what they had? Zilch. All 'Casual Friday' clothing, which is not what I want. I wanted serious clothing. So I went up the the cash register & asked 'when did you guys start sucking so bad?' and the cashier said 'shut up fatty. you're just salty because our clothes run small & you have to get a bigger size'.

Do do do do. Do do doot doot do.

And now that I have that Europe song in your head & your attention I'd like to make an announcement........the apartment is in shambles, there are boxes all over, the kittens are (I'm sure) currently running around, trying to hide my Smartwool socks in attempt to keep their mommy in the country and usually this would drive one Miss Tron batty but this time it's not gonna work. As of in 24 hours I will be at O'Hare, clutching my passport, kick-ass backpack hanging from my tense shoulders, ingesting as much nicotine as possible before there's no more for 12 hours (we have a layover in NYC but can't leave the airport & I would say 'shit now's as good a time as any to quit' but seriously, 30 miles of hiking in 3 days without ciggies & Etro'll effing kill me).

Anarchy in the UK

Then we get back, start the new job, do wedding stuff for Schmale, have 156736478678 hours of Nutcracker rehearsal and sleep for the entire month of January.

See you then!!!

p.s. will update more in a couple weeks with funny stories of a whiskey-drunk tron.