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Monday, October 16, 2006


Am I the only girl my age not boyfriend crazy? There are tons of girls all over the place who just want boyfriends & serious relationships & all that stuff. Not that I'm opposed to it, I guess it just feels a little bit more like if it's right then it's right. If not, then it's not supposed to happen at that time.

Now I feel a little guilty about having one. Like maybe I should let some really desperate girl have mine or something. Nah.

More on this later.


Blogger Sun Follower said...

If you're gonna give him up - put him on eBay, at least get the cash value. Let the bidding begin :)

I think... that we always want what we don't have - a boyfriend (love), a particular job/career (money), whatever... I know women with successful careers, but no relationship. And I know women with sucessful relationships, but feeling unfulfilled with their job. But if you have both... then you want for... maybe the little things? That's my theory anyway.

2:33 PM

Anonymous kermit said...

remind them all that instead of collecting small, useless kitchen appliances for their impending nuptuals, you are buying them alarm clocks instead. it works marvellously well if you have a flyer in your hand and suddenly point out that they're on sale.

3:25 PM

Anonymous kermit said...



3:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh man that poster rules! Hahahahahaha! Also scary.

5:06 PM

Blogger iamnot said...

I'm frightened by how many of those poster items women have said to me.

11:46 AM

Blogger J-Mo said...

Some people are just plain nuts.

1:37 PM

Blogger Conti said...

I do NOT want a b.f.

2:48 PM

Blogger Homeperm said...

i'm plain nuts. i am crazy. boy crazy. but not boyfriend crazy, which is quite another thing entirely. boy crazy: i flirt with everyone, boyf crazy: i find jokes about taking boys shopping HILARIOUS when it involves making them hold your handbags (refer poster). boy crazy: cool. boyf crazy: you are absolutely right about. poor girls.

5:39 AM

Anonymous elginroots said... say boy crazy but then you go on to describe being desperate...i'm not desperate, but i'm prone to being boy crazy.

1:42 PM

Blogger emertron said...

Jess: Boy crazy is one thing. Boyfriend crazy is another. Boyfriend crazy girls mope around talking about how they're not complete without a boyfriend & if only they could have a boyfriend. It's pretty nauseating but I will clarify my point more within the next few days.

1:50 PM


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