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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ethan just farted & it's funny

There is one very visable flaw with the new job....Nick & I no longer work together. This issue, thus far, has brought about only minor problems. However, I do foresee many a silly telephone call in the future between departments. But for now we have to settle for lunch.

Like most lunches, today included some really fun stuff. Like lengthy discussions about Spanish vocabulary & articles, food-sharing, man-oggling (apparently the attractive male population on campus has skyrocketed), 'relations' & incorrectly used vocabulary. Today's vocabulary word of the day was cahoots. Cahoots cahoots cahoots. Doesn't it sound like an angry or frazzled kind of word?

Who knew that it means 'questionable collaboration; secret partnership'?

Everyone but you.

Shut up.

Yeah, so I tried using it in sentences like 'well then, I am NOT in cahoots with bees' (wrong) & 'georgie & henry are in cahoots to not let me sleep at night' (correct). For a short time I felt smart. And that was uncomfortable so we switched it back to a more idiot-friendly big must a diamond ring be for you to marry the guy. I said 2 carats & at least $15k, since I was feeling all smart & like I should be a prize to win. Ha ha. Just kidding. I currently aspire towards cat lady status, no room for marriage in that plan.

This pointless post brought to you by a lack of battery power in my laptop because the storm fried my laptop charger so I can't continue on with the vacation story.


Anonymous J Cubed said...

2 carets and $15000?!?!?!?!?!!?!questionmark!

You're killing me, Tron! Are you in cahoots with the F-Bomb?

1:08 AM

Blogger emertron said...

Oh, J^3 don't you know?

Btw.....Ms. Q was at lunch with Nick & I, too. Sorry for not giving her credit as a huge contribution in the conversation also.

1:47 AM

Blogger Marisa said...

Sure now that I'm gone the hot guy quotient rises exponentially (just wanted to add something to the vocab convo).

And the cat lady remark made me laugh so hard I almost farted.

2:17 AM

Blogger Sun Follower said...

cat lady status.... that's a new option! (and maybe the better one!)

2:31 AM

Blogger J-Mo said...

Cahoots is a great word. Definitely gets quarterly use in my vocab.

1:31 PM

Blogger Conti said...

meow meow cat lady

12:58 PM


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