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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hold the Bus

It's about that time again....time for some new clothes. You know, a couple pairs of pants, a cute work/after work dress, a few skirts, a sweater or two. Like most women I enjoy shopping, though have to admit that a plan is necessary, the shopping area must be outdoors & there's a time limit of 2 hours tops. Thus, the only logical method remains to look online, find some cute stuff, hit those stores, spend too much money & come home to buyer's remorse which can only be soothed by the creamy goodness of my boyfriends, Ben & Jerry.

Since my username's still not hooked up to the shared drive, work stops at the To Do List. Hhhhmmmmm.....great time to get a little monitor shopping done.

Other than the obvious....that the skinny pant should never, ever ever ever ever have been 'in' to begin with, nor should it be 'brought back' (I will punch the person who's idea this was in the face if I see them), since this is a crime against women...this season's not too bad. Kinda nice actually. Some fun stuff, some nice & simple stuff (I will do the same thing to whoever had the idea that the ruffled mini should ever ever ever be worn, especially with tights or leggings that I did to the skinny pants person...thank goodness my favorite places have given up on bringing the 80's back).

Anywhoodle, I felt very disturbed about one issue......and thus I present to you The Question of the Day:

Who the fuck names these articles of clothing?

The 'city trouser'? The 'equestrian pant'? The 'Dream Cardigan'? 'Matchstick pants'? 'Super 100s' (I'm not smoking these for goodness sake!!)?

Seriously. I understand the marketing perspective & that these names are supposed to describe the item or something but really, if it's a teal cashmere sweater, 'cerulean ubersoft upperbody-wrapping garment' is a bit excessive. To think that people actually get PAID to sit around all day & decide whether this sweater looks more Wellesley or Swarthmore.


Anonymous mandy said...

yay let's go shopping!
also, let's set all pairs of skinny jeans on fire.

11:06 AM

Blogger emertron said...


11:26 AM

Blogger etro said...

Elaine Benes does- i.e The Urban Sombrero...
there really is a J Peterman Catalog, but no Urban Sombreros in sight:

12:48 PM

Blogger etro said...

The descriptions in the catalog are just as crazy as those that Peterman writes on Seinfeld too!

12:50 PM

Anonymous elginroots said...

skinny pants = tapered ankle jeans w/ a new name = ugly as fuck on 99.9% of the population

1:01 PM

Blogger Sun Follower said...

sometimes the colors are even worse than the names... ecru? currant? spicey rum? molotav berry?

And if is See that Audrey Hepburn dancing around in her skinny pants commerical one more time...

6:29 PM

Blogger Marisa said...

Tron, you just haven't found the right pants. Certainly you can't go wrong with these!

As for 11.4, I'm intrigued and you're inked in my calendar.

4:23 PM

Blogger Conti said...

Please look as hot as possible for when I visit. Thanks.

4:21 PM

Blogger Grampa said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

8:04 PM

Blogger Grampa said...

80s fashion sucked donkeyballs the first time around. Why anyone would want to bring it back, I have no idea.

Billy Idol. Now there's something worth bringing back.

Or, better yet, huffing glue. Unless you're in Brazil, you don't hear much about the old airplane glue any more. I think we need to get back to basics, huff some glue, mosh to Billy Idol and beat up some skinheads.

Carry on.

8:05 PM


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